Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back in the Groove - Somewhat...

Sharon and I and DH and Chickie had a totally fabulous time at the State Fair and the Renaissance Festival. We walked our feet off, baked in the sun, got rained on, and cuddled into our cloaks in the cold. In other words, it was a typical four days in Minnesota. I allowed myself to eat what I wanted, knowing that I would get it right back off after life returned to normal. I did gain, but have already lost half of the weight gain in a single day of intelligent eating again. So not all is lost.

Today's blog post is fast and sweet. I have no time, I'm still playing catch-up, and I'm fighting with a malware issue that has hit my laptop, and through researching how to rid myself of it, it is now trying to insinuate itself into my new desktop. Call me NOT HAPPY! So...maybe some photos of explosions? on a cosmic scale?

I have to work today so don't get my day off, but I'll try to get time off later this week. Scheduling conflicts do happen, but I'll miss hearing Aearwen's voice for our normal Wednesday chat sessions. *sigh* This too shall pass, though. Have a great Wednesday and send kind thoughts to me as I attempt to fight the malware issue.

Here's one last picture for your day today.

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