Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ride the Rocky Seas

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall. I know - it sounds preachy, boring, you want to run away screaming, etc. I don't blame you. But if you stand tough and hold your ground, if you are patient and then follow up, if you write down your goals and keep them in sight whenever you are trying to decide between Option A and Option B. Be prepared to make some sacrifices. And, most of all, learn to roll with the punches and come up again, ready for a revised plan but not losing sight of your goals.

Follow your path.

An overly-buoyant outlook? Yeah... sometimes I can be a Pollyanna. But it is sometimes necessary. So here's what is bothering me today and where I am at with my own rocky seas.

Rocky seas - turbulence ahead. 

After a week of not hearing from the Disabled American Veterans about accepting "Beast" for their vehicle donation program I phoned them on Friday. Apparently they never received my emailed paperwork, but we were able to do everything over the phone and get the pick-up scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. I'll be absolutely giddy when I drive up from work that night and see an open driveway.

I know this won't last long - we need a truck and we'll have to start shopping for one soon. But we may be able to hold off on that until next year which would allow me an open driveway for a few months and through the winter. That's my revised goal once I finally have Beast sent off to his final resting place.

Please take the Beast away....

I read through the contract for the estate auctioneer and there were a few points that my DH had questions about, so I held back and sent off a long email detailing our concerns and asking him to address those before we could sign the contract. We did discuss scheduling, though, so one step up.

Boyd came back to me with answers to our questions that satisfied our concerns, the contract was signed and mailed back to him as I drove home yesterday night. We'll begin this process right after Labor Day (first Monday of September for my non-US friends) and the house should be mostly empty and wrapped up ready for the Realtor to look at no later than the end of September.

The entryway to our Renaissance Festival grounds.

Renaissance Faire starts today and will run weekends through the end of September. We have season tickets and are usually there each Sunday through the season. This year may be different, though.

We looked at each other and asked whether we would go this weekend or not. If we do, it will be a short day - only 4-5 hours at the Fest. But I almost would rather stay home and continue cleaning and putting things away so that my house will look civilized when Sharon arrives for her annual vacation. We'll be at Ren over the Labor Day weekend, the final day of the Fest, and at least one more weekend - probably for Highland weekend (can't turn down men in kilts). I think we may only make a shortened schedule this year and that's OK. We're just a bit stressed out right now and need to put our energies towards other things.

Sometimes I think I would make more sense if I just typed like a cat...

I've been tired and haven't written a single word for my SinS story in days. I am feeling guilty about that but I'll hunker down and focus and get this done. Not today, though. Today I'm hunting for my iPod. I have been missing it for a couple of weeks now but I think it's about time I put in a serious search.

That's what happens when I clean...I put things into places where I know I'll want them, promptly losing them. *sigh* I know I'll find it but I wish it was my cell phone - I could just call myself then and find it by the lovely ringing sound - LOL.

Have a fabulous weekend and keep the positive in your steps...

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