Friday, August 16, 2013

Fuzzy, Furry and Feathered Friends

I got up earlier than usual this morning to do a form for my DH when he meets with the bank, the lawyer and picks up the Death Certificates today. We've been awaiting those death certificates to be able to proceed with many specific tasks dealing with the estate. Thank goodness we may be able to proceed to the next round *sigh*. ate up my free time, so I think I'll do one more photo grouping. And really, that's not a bad way to close the weekday work week. So here we go - fuzzy, furry and feathered friends as I feel like chosen just for you!

Who can resist a best friend? 

What a handful - and too, too cute!

I am totally in love with this baby owl. Birds are so important to me, but
he's all eyes, claws and a beak - too cute!

This lovely handful of deer is just precious! 

I don't know what kind of bird this is, but what a fantastic look! From the
crest on its head to the bold stripe across its tail, this bird is the total package. 

I love Mandarin ducks. The colors are so amazing and they just serenely paddle
around their ponds, completely unaware of their beauty. Wow! 

And as you take your morning shower today, think of this lovely and
colorful friend taking his. I love the colors of the bird mirrored by
the basin coloring. So beautiful. 

So, I know this is two photo posts in a row and really isn't anything much to comment on, but it allows me to entertain all of my on-line friends and not leave late for work. It's a win-win. I hope you enjoyed the pics and have a fabulous Friday.

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