Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yes We Can???

What happened to "Yes We Can"? What happened to optimism and the internal knowledge that we as a people could accomplish anything if we banded together? I think it got lost in a lack of respect and a belief that politics is a way of life for personal riches and gain and not for public service. I saw that exemplified a lot during President Obama's speech last night.
It is a total disservice to our populace that so many people are either uninsured or underinsured for health in this nation. It is totally wrong that the savings that people have carefully amassed over the years can be wiped out by a single catestrophic illness. Health insurance in this country is a joke and offers plans that are overpriced for services that are undercovered. The system is not non-functional, but it is broken and the broken parts need to be fixed. President Obama brought his case for health care reform to the people and the joint houses of Congress last night.
I was raised to have respect for the President of the United States, whether or not I agreed with his political views. I can, and often do, criticize the President, but I respect him. Shouting him down when he is addressing the nation and the joint Houses was wrong and shame on the Representative from South Carolina for showing such disrespect! Even though he apologized immediately after the speech was over, the damage was done. It's just as well that I don't live in his state because he would have just lost my vote for his poor judgment.
And on that note, exercise good artistic and creative judgment in your actions today. Choose harmonious colors, look for interesting textures, and celebrate this day of life shared with others. It is a precious gift.

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