Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Studio Day - NOT

Even though today is a studio day and I don't have to go in to the shop, my plans aren't working quite that smoothly. I do need to do last-minute cleaning before my friend Sharon arrives for several days of mayhem on Thursday, but my plans had a kink slapped into them because my DH has to get to a doctor appt in mid-afternoon. So, even though I shouldn't be anywhere near the shop today, I'll end up being there for 1-2 hours in mid-day .
And I'm still working on scrolls for my cloak. I think I've got a good pattern going, but I need to spend a little more time refining it. This upcoming weekend I know I won't get any work done on the cloak, so I need to accomplish whatever I can today.

I've got to get going already, so it's a short post today. I'll post tomorrow and then take a few days off to have a long holiday weekend at the State Fair and the Remaissance Festival with my friend.

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