Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Falling Apart

September, most specifically the end of August and beginning of September, is the time of the year when my life seems to fall apart - temporarily. It's the time of year when bills to be paid are paid late, plans to be made don't quite work out, and I take a few days off to be with friends and celebrate the end of the summer. I will be doing that a bit later in the week, and I will work hard to not let any bills fall through the cracks, even though it is easy to happen.
My friend Marilee lost one of her cats last night. Her cats are her companions, and from a total of four, it leaves her with one. I know that this latest loss will hit her hard - heck, it would certainly hit me hard! She's not a believer in the power of prayer, but I will be sending white light towards her and Spirit anyway because it certainly can't hurt.
And time, as always is not my friend, but things are progressing. I finished hemming the cloak last night and will work on the pattern templates for the embroidery tonite. I want to also check the color-fastness of the ribbons that I want to use and make sure that they will survive the laundering that they will have to undergo. I am really hoping that I can nail this. It will be spectacular if I can manage to get the design from my head onto the fabric. But, one more step accomplished and we are entering the final stages. I'm excited! What have you done witn your own art lately that has caused you to be excited? Hmmmmm??? Why not?????? The creation of beauty and the joy of seeing what you can create should always be exciting.

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