Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pain and Art

I hurt today. My arm is really painful and my wrist would rather be sleeping. I can blame it all on my hours of enamel work yesterday because of the clean-off between firings that each piece has to go through. Let's see - 8 sides per item, three to four firings for each piece = more than 1200 individually stoned sides, not counting the fronts and backs that got stoned. Repetitive motions are problematical for anyone, but I'm suddenly grateful that I don't have my next day of enameling until Friday. A day of different movements for my broken arm will be much better for my healing routine.

The charms are turning out really cute though. I'll look at them again today in daylight to decide if I want one additional coating of front color before I add the back and front graphics. I have to admit, though, it was so much fun firing up the kiln again and just diving into glass. The techniques that I want to use tomorrow are techniques that I just learned at Bead & Button Show, so I'm a bit more nervous about them - there is more that can go wrong. Additionally, they have to be thoroughly dry before they can be fired. I think I'll be using my hair dryer or dehumidifier to make sure that everything is properly dry. It might be another 6-hour marathon...but what fun!

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