Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday USA & Le Tour de France

What a wonderful day. Not just the 4th of July - a day off from work, a holiday, fireworks, grilled food, fun!!! But also the beginning of the 96th Le Tour de France - Lance Armstrong, Alberto Cantador, Carlos Sastre, and many many more. I'll be glued to my TV for every day I'm in town watching Le Tour, and those stages that I'm out of town for I'll be catching what I can on my laptop before or after classroom hours.
I'm also down another pound. I'm starting to get happy. I want another two off before I leave for my conference at the end of next week. That shouldn't be a problem.

Just a short posting today - back to the time trials of Le Tour. Happy!!!!

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emaux-art said...

Hello !!

We are content with this year's the “Le Tour de France” goes through Limoges, capital of Arts of Fire !!