Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did It!!

So, we have a new President-Elect - Barak Obama. I'm very pleased, my DH is a little hesitant. But I guess we'll find out what the future holds. We needed a serious change of policy and direction and I have been an admirer of Obama for many years. I am delighted.

The state amendment - the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Act passed. I worked to get this one passed because it will increase, by up to 1/3, the amount of dollars available for the arts in Minnesota. I think that the arts is important to everyone - art can be a channel for expressing feelings and emotions that can push anger into beauty. Art is always a positive and it can be as simple as selected art for a cityscape, or as complex as a staged exhibit in a gallery. I'm very happy with this election result.

Our Senate battle is still too close to call, as of 4:45 am. I voted for Coleman (photo on the left). My friend "The Chickie" voted for Franken (photo on the right). I've watched the voting record of all of my Representatives and Congresspeople very carefully over the past few years, and Coleman has become a very middle-of-the-road voter - voting much more for the people than for the platform. He earned my vote. But it's pretty evident that it's too close to call with 99% of the votes in and counted. Chickie and I have had some interesting political discussions lately :-)))

Total Reporting:99%

Norm Coleman (R) 1,209,391 42%
Al Franken (DFL) 1,207,086 42%
Dean Barkley (IP) 436,491 15%
Charles Aldrich (L) 13,879 0%
James Niemackl (C) 8,876 0%
LAST UPDATE: Nov-05-2008, 05:10 AM Central Standard Time

Today is a studio day, although I have to do some work for Beading For A Cure also. I am no longer in the position of Treasurer, and need to send the documentation, old paperwork, etc to to new Treasurer. I only have a limited amount of time to get boxes packed and things sent out, so I need to get going on that. One good thing - it will clear up some needed space in my computer room. Then I need to get going on ordering the beads for the coming 2009 BFAC kit. Those will be put on sale for previous participants in early February, and for new participants in mid-February. If you are interested in receiving a kit (and there will only be 80 kits available), write to the Secretary and ask to be notified when they are put on sale to new participants. If you participated in the 2008 fund raising effort and sent in a completed project, you will be notified when the kits are available for you. The colors for 2009 will be "nummy" and I think it may be one of my most popular colorways ever :-))

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