Monday, November 3, 2008

Farewell Opus

I can't claim to be a massive "Opus" fan. In fact, many books and even musical compositions are more important to me. But my comics (both daily and Sunday) are a part of my daily experience and many of these I have grown up with. Opus is one of those long-term comics that sometimes left me wondering what pharmaceutical Berkeley Breathed took, and other times brought me to laughter or tears. Yesterday, the last panels of the 28-year journey, brought me to tears. If you want to see the final panels, they are available on the website: .

Sunday was the first of eight Sundays during which we are open from noon-4 pm at the shop. It is one more aspect of why I hate this time of the year. One less day to decompress. And the election ads are really getting to me also - it's like there are no products to sell in commercials anymore - only politicians. Last night it was campaign after campaign after campaign. I think I'll be quite happy to be in line at 6 am tomorrow morning if it will mean an end to this election madness after Tuesday night. Apparently our Senatorial election - Norm Coleman (incumbant) vs Al Franken is one of the nastiest battles in the nation. It doesn't surprise me. The candidates had their final debate last night and came close to actual physical blows. Although Norm is not necessarily one of my favorite people, he has been voting more and more liberal and more and more away from the Bush platform over the past four years. And I simply can't trust Al Franken. So I'll vote for Norm. But either way, I think I will be wishing I would have voted for the Independent party candidate because I will hate the outcome no matter who gets into Congress. POLITICS - ICKY!!!!!

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