Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday at the Museum

I love museums. I will go out of my way in any city to see the museums. Today my DH and I decided on a lovely day centered around a truly unique exhibit.
1) We started the day out with McDonald's breakfast. OK, I understand that many people don't like Micky-D's, but we love fast food and their breakfast is a real treat for us. Plus, Monopoly is being played again - always fun. After too many calories and good coffee, we were on our way to...
2) Barnes & Noble books. One of my absolutely favorite places to spend time - I usually drop by at least once a week. Since I'm a member, they send me discount coupons all the time. Today I had an extra 15% off any one item coupon - oh Happy Day!! My coupon went for a discount on a simply lovely inspirational book "Starting to Collect Antique Jewellery" by John Benjamin. I'm not a collector, but there were some really nice pieces in it to inspire my own work in the future :-) I also got a wonderful book on Geometric Vector Designs that will be very useable in my etching work. Leaving the book store we saw that a small gem & mineral show was going on in the mall so we stopped by for a look. I picked up one small cab that's simply wonderful - lots of character, and a couple of Smoke Quartz faceted gemstones to go with it. After I get the two projects I'm currently working on off my bench, I'll start work on this one.
3) On to The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis for an exhibit that they have on Russian Icons. These are spectacular works of art, mostly dating from the mid 1600s through the late 1700s. It is the first, and possibly last, time that they have been out of Russia. The artwork was truly magnificant and the giftshop had some wonderful items and inspirational ideas also. We did not indulge in gifties, as much as we really wanted this book on Russian Laquer Enameling.
4) Off to TGIFridays for drinks and dinner. Unfortunately our usual bartendeer was off today. I think it is possible that deer season started today because it would be normal for him to be off on that day. Instead we ended up with nice bartenders, but not friends, and we left earlier than we would have.
5) A quick stop at the grocery store to get dessert and we ended the day. Not a single argument for the entire day :-)) What a nice day!!!

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