Thursday, October 2, 2008

Studio Day Complete

I love my Wednesdays. Wednesdays are my day off so I get some housework done and have a chance to work in the home studio for several hours. I have a lot of BronzClay drying, some may even be dry enough to put them into the kiln today. I also finished a pair of BC and pink sapphire earrings (although I may end up re-doing one part). I should be able to find time to photograph them later this week or next Wednesday.

I had a chance to look through some Etsy websites. There is some nice work out there, a few people caught my eye enough to share with you.

These lovely little earrings can start me out on Etsy websites that I recommend. There is a large variety of very affordable and nicely unusual jewelry that seems well made and well thought out. I'll post another one tomorrow. Think happy thoughts today - enjoy your Thursday.

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