Saturday, November 21, 2020

I'm Talking To You - Final Call for Cards!

I was running behind on my holiday cards, so I got up at 3:15 am Friday and headed to the shop at around 7:00 am to get some serious work done. I finished Stage 2,  and by the time I opened my doors to the public, I had also finished Stage 3. Now I need to finish the final two stages - the stamp on the very back and gluing the frontspiece onto the front of the card. I know I said no gifts in this year's card, but an easy one occurred to me, so if it works out, you'll also get a small gift along with your card. 

Maybe I should decorate our mailbox like this ... or not. I'm
not sure any decorations would survive the snow plows if 
we have another storm before Christmas. 

I'm hoping to spend most of Thanksgiving cooking my turkey and printing out the envelopes, so ... THIS IS THE THIRD AND FINAL CALL-OUT FOR CARDS. I may be contacting some of you individually if you haven't responded, but please. I love making the cards, and I love sending them to friends throughout the world. I'd love to send one TO YOU! 

Yes, I'm talking to you. I can't send you a card without 
you talking back to me and giving me your current 
address. Come on ... join the party! I have eggnog and 
punch just waiting for you! 

So message me and give me your current address. Cards do me no good sitting in a box. They want to travel the nation and the world, ready to surprise and delight their recipients. They can't do that for you if you don't give me your address. I remind you that I require nothing in return. My joy is the making and sending of the cards. I also remind you that I don't care if I'm sending them in the USA or anywhere else in the world. The cards love to travel to exotic locations. 

Don't be the person left out in the cold. Send me your 
address in a PM and I'll get one of my holiday cards 
sent out to you soon. It's my joy to spread some happiness 
during this crazy year. Please allow me that small 

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to hear from you soon! Be kind, stay safe and please wear your mask. I'll be back on Monday. 

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