Friday, October 16, 2020

I'm a Dinosaur and a Bookworm and That's Not All Bad

Generally, electronics are my friend. I live with my phone, my laptop and the internet in various ways, but we're in touch every day for hours on end. I might mutter now and again as I stumble through the hoops placed for me to jump through, but I force myself through or find a workaround. Most of the time. Every once in a while I get caught up in an electronics maelstrom, though. Yesterday and early today seems to be one of those times, and I'm not sure I'll manage to get out of this one. 

I fully admit I'm a dinosaur, and I'm OK with that. I'm 
closer to the end of my life than the beginning of it, and 
I suspect that when I die, I'll be grateful in many ways to 
leave the stresses behind me. But leave my books 
behind me too? NEVER. There better be books in 
the afterlife. 

I've had an e-book pending at B&N for months. It came live on Monday, but B&N's e-books were under malware attack at the time and no orders were able to be made or completed. Finally, yesterday in the late afternoon, my shopping cart was live once again and I was able to complete most of my order. Except the one book I had been waiting to read for more than two months. 

There's nothing wrong with being a dinosaur. If Earth 
hadn't been hit with a dramatic climate change, mammals 
might still be small little things weaving in and out 
between greenery, trying to avoid being eaten by very 
large and hungry lizards. I'm old, so I don't mind being 
a bit more dinosaur and a bit less darting young thing. 

Even though it was supposed to have been available beginning on October 13th, and I purchased and downloaded it on October 15th, it was still locked with a yellow "Pre-Ordered" banner, keeping me from opening the e-book. I didn't get charged for it, so after trying a few more things this morning, I went onto their website and "cancelled" the pre-order (and one other book that was hanging on for the ride). Now the big question is ... can I actually purchase it, and will it appear in my NookBook library as a book that I can read. 

Age is relative anyway, My nieces and nephews, although 
they are considered to be "middle aged" by now, I still 
remember as small children. I know they're older with 
children of their own, but sometimes it just doesn't seem 
like it's been that many years. 

I've had on-line friends suggest other reading formats to me - basic ePubs from a variety of sources, as well as Kobo and of course, Kindle. I'm rather stubborn, and I enjoy staying with my NookBook formats. One of the main reasons is my library - I have more than 1800 ebooks now, almost all of them purchased at B&N. I usually am reading two different readers at any given time - one for fiction and one for instructional. But the big thing I love is if I try to order something I already have and I forgot about, B&N won't allow me to repurchase it. It tells me that I already own it. That feature alone has probably saved me several hundred dollars. Even when I was reading paperbacks, I would sometimes find myself with more than one copy of a book I wanted to read but forgot I owned. 

The benefit of being a dinosaur is that my friends of 
many years are also dinos, just like me. In this fast-
moving, ever-changing world that we live in, that's 
a constancy that I'm embracing today. 

So, I'll continue being a dinosaur, I'll hope that I can get the book I want to read purchased and downloaded properly, and I'll eventually wander into the sunset, my library clutched in my hand, all held within the few square inches of my phone. What a wonderful thing for a bookworm. Have a great day, be kind, stay safe and please wear your mask! I'll be back tomorrow. 

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