Monday, September 14, 2020

A Somewhat Lazy Sunday

DH had a very busy Sunday while I actually took a lazy day - something I don't get very often. He woke up and immediately after his shower, got dressed and went to the grocery store. He usually goes on Monday mornings, but today we're taking his truck in for a six-month servicing and there would be no time for shopping. He decided to go first thing in the morning on Sunday instead. As soon as he was home and the groceries were put away, he changed clothes and went into the backyard to work on the woodshed. 

Sunrise is my favorite time of the day. Each day starts 
out with so much promise - an unmarked slate that 
will be filled with chalk marks by the time we go to 
sleep that night. What will you write onto your chalk 
board today? 

The shingles are now on the East and West sections, but the middle section is turning out to be harder than expected. I was admonished to let him know when it was 11:30 so that he wouldn't miss the first football game of the season, and I settled down at my weaving for a few hours while he dealt with sharp knives and tar paper. By 11:30, he was putting the final strip of replacement tar paper on the center section and then we started cleaning things up. We had everything put away properly before the game started. 

There is no Tour de France today, it's a "Rest Day" for 
the fans and riders. Of course, everyone will get more 
COVID tests today too, so we'll hear tomorrow if 
anyone will have to be pulled from the race. So 
far things have gone smoothly, however, so I'm 
hoping for the best. 

This is tomorrow's stage. It looks wonderfully 
knarly. We're entering the Alps now, so the BIG 
mountains. I can hardly wait!!! 

I returned to my weaving after a while. Green Bay was offering the Vikings a football clinic and we were doing horribly. So I started another load of laundry, cleaning the mattress pads I had used to protect my tomato plants during our frost warnings a few days before, then setting the washing to self-clean after that load was in the dryer. I actually got quite a bit of weaving done in bits and pieces throughout the afternoon and early evening. 

We had hardshell tacos for dinner last 
night. So good! We haven't had them for 
at least six months, so it was a real treat. 

After a meal of tacos for dinner (very yummy), we separated again until close to 8:00 pm when we settled down to watch a new PBS show - "Van Der Valk". We found it quite good, it certainly kept our interest for the 90 minutes it was on, and I'm looking forward to next week's episode. Of course, it's on "Masterpiece Theatre", so the standard is only 3 or 4 episodes per title, but that's just about perfect. When adding the new season of "Vera" that started on Thursday, I'm a happy person, even if I sacrifice a bit of sleep over my watching them. 

I gather, from reviews, etc., that "Van der Valk" is not really 
a new show, just new to us. Either way, I really enjoyed 
watching it and I liked the cast quite a bit - they jelled 
very well together. 

On that note, I'm out of here. We're taking DH's truck in for a checkup this morning, and I still have some things to wrap up before we head out for the day. Have an excellent Monday and please, be kind to others you may meet today, wear your mask, and stay safe! I'll be back tomorrow. 

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