Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Ranting - Scheduling Isn't Easy These Days

It's always a question these days - will things cross-post successfully or not? I'm getting practiced at waiting a short time to see if my post appears on both LJ and DW, but that might be harder when my time is more restricted in the mornings. This 6:00 am opening for my gym (opposed to the previous pre-COVID opening time of 5:00 am) is really going to throw a kink into my schedule. I'm sitting here trying to envision being able to do the many things I need to do in the morning with the new schedule, and I'm running up against walls everywhere my mind turns. It's rather like a mouse in a maze. 

My schedule is always a bit crazy. With the later gym
times, it's making me feel as if I'm a mouse in a maze
with the clock ticking away on the far side. 

Waking isn't a problem. Instead of awakening at 3:15 am, I'll allow myself to sleep until 4:00 am. An extra 45 minutes of sleep - Yippee!. That will give me 1-1/2 hours to clear out my overnight emails, download all mail orders and write and post my blog. No time for breakfast in there, but I usually prefer that after I've been swimming in any case. But - it's the after part that's the next problem. 

I like old-fashioned oatmeal for my breakfast. Sometimes I
add a bit of fruit, often just a scattering of sugar. It's been my
favorite meal for years now. During Stay-at-Home, I went
through several canisters of the original oatmeal. So good! 

Even though they say I can't be in the gym for longer than an hour, I am still thinking I won't get out of there before 7:30 am, and home by 7:45 am. That leaves me with putting my wet clothes down to dry, grabbing my laptop and other items needed for my day, and heading out. My mail at the shop is usually delivered between 9:00 am and 9:15 am. If I eat at home, I'll barely make it to the shop on time. If I resume my almost daily breakfast at Perkins (yes, they're open once again), I'm still running very right on time. I see no way out of this problem. I need that extra hour right here! 

I'm seeking increased clarity. Probably not finding it
in a wonderful photo like these limes, but it is an
excellent example of clarity in a photograph, and lovely
to look at besides. 

Maybe I'll have increased clarity once I visit the gym in an hour or so. I can hope, at any rate. What I'm really going to hope for, however, is a return to the 5:00 am opening schedule. Things work much better for me as an early morning person. 

Oh well, rant over for the day - LOL. I hope your day goes extremely well, and I'll return tomorrow with the next installment in my soap-opera life. Be well, stay safe, enjoy the day. 

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