Monday, June 22, 2020

My Dentist Has A New Building

A new week, new challenges, and the beginning of a new cycle in openings in our area. Although my gym opens today for the first time since March 14th, I won't be there until tomorrow. Today I have my semi-annual dental cleaning appointment with more changes, of course. Not just because of COVID this time, although that also plays in, but since I was last at my dental office, they moved locations. They're actually much closer to me now, and took over the small independent office that my eye doctor used to have before he joined the clinic I've gone to for my eyes for years and years. 

The little building where my dentist now practices was originally
the practice of my eye doctor, Dr. Awad. It's a lovely little
building with a nice-sized parking lot at the rear. 

The little building, at the intersection of a main and a secondary street in my suburb, is a lovely little place. It had been vacant for more than a year and needed some serious updating. They opened in their new location in late February, and the Virus hit in mid-March. Fortunately they are back up and running, and those of us who are long-time clients are getting thorough cleanings and checkups, despite this age of face masks and fear of breathing. Despite COVID, I'll have nice clean teeth early today which will make me very happy. 

Dr Bomberg and Dr Pham moved to their new location in
early 2020 from their long-time rented location on
South Snelling Avenue. Dr Phan bought the practice from
Dr B in 2014 and when he finally retires (probably later
this year or early next), she'll be in charge. It's been
a good move for both of them, despite the timing. 

That's today, the gym is tomorrow. I plan on being at the gym four days a week starting tomorrow - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Schedules will be much tighter, everything will be changed, but I need/want/must get back to some physical activity. My weight gain for stay-at-home wasn't huge, but it's still weight I want back off, so I'm planning to be back in the swimming pool beginning tomorrow. That will compress my time in the mornings again, so I'm not sure how "chatty" I'll be for the first few days of the "new/old" schedule. With patience, we'll make everything work, but it's going to be a change. I'll get my gym bag re-packed, streamlined, and ready to go tonight, and be in the car no later than 5:45 am tomorrow. 

On that note, I'm signing off for today. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and that a week of possibilities and fantastic adventures lies ahead of you this week. Positive thoughts for all of you and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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