Monday, August 6, 2018

I'm A Truck-Drivin' Mama! LOL

We survived the storms of Friday and Saturday, and Sunday dawned bright, sunny, and full of possibilities. I knew it was going to be a hard day of work - wood was on the agenda. DH began the day by cleaning the garage. Now, mind you, it is something that he could have done (mostly) on Saturday while he was busy texting me and moaning about how he was getting nothing accomplished because it was raining. But no, he started the chore on Sunday morning instead. 

We were cleaning up because we would be buying
a LOT of wood for the wood shed, all of which
needed to be stored in the garage. We were
also going to be renting one of these - pretty

We needed to clean the garage because wood was on the agenda for the day - wood, wood and even more wood. We were going to Home Depot to purchase all of the supplies for the woodshed, and because of the amount we were buying and the dimensions of the lumber, we were going to rent one of their trucks to get it all home. We cleaned the garage until after noon, and actually did quite a lot to re-organize and clear out space. The wood all needed to go into the garage for storage until it was needed for the building project. The shed would be too small for it (although quite a few items from the garage found their way into the shed). 

We clean our gutters around the house all of the
time. It helps control rain overflow. The back
gutter is two stories up, though, and we never
had an extension ladder long enough. We do
now. DH added a 20-foot extension ladder
to yesterday's purchase. 

Home Depot was busy, and I discovered I'm pretty darned good at steering a cart heavily laden with dimensional wood, much of which was 10 - 12 feet long. It was heavy, unwieldy, and generally somewhat dangerous, but we accomplished our goal: 8-4x4x10 posts, 6-2x6x10 boards, 2 sheets of plywood, 6-1x8x12 ground contact cedar, and lots, lots more, almost all of which was at least 10 feet long. In addition to all of that, since we were renting a truck anyway, he added a 20-foot extension ladder - something he's wanted for a long time. 

We had two pizzas at Old Chicago Tap Room, one was
 their "Thai Pie" pizza which always comes as
 a deep dish. It's been a favorite
of ours for more than 20 years. 

The truck was rather fun to drive, but I neglected to put gas into it (it was only a 10-mile round trip and the gauge still read above the "Full" level). I should have done that because I was assessed a "gas" fee of $14. Bad me. But still, the truck only ended up costing us $38 and we got the lumber home and unloaded quickly and without problems. So it was well worth it. 

The second pizza we had was their Chicago Fire
pizza. This was a new one - it had only be
available as a calzone before this. We had
it on thin crust and it was awesome! Nice
and spicy with lots of peppers. 

Now the lumber is stacked in an orderly manner against the back wall of the garage, the cars still fit comfortably, and we're ready to start construction as soon as the lumber seasons a bit more. DH says the lumber is really "wet". He was grumbling about that at every stop throughout the store. After we got the wood stored, he started spreading more black dirt on the backyard, trying to change it slightly to help control the erosion and prep the yard for grass seed. If the storms stay away for a few days, we might be able to get that done on Tuesday. 

We treated ourselves to pizza at Old Chicago. So good! We had a coupon for a free pizza, so it was almost 50% off, a great deal and we have leftover pizza for the next night or two. Huzzah! Have a great Monday and I'll be back tomorrow. The saga continues - LOL. 

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