Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cable Woes and Possible Resolutions

I'm feeling a bit better this morning - already lost four of the five pounds I gained from Sunday's food overindulgence. DH is probably still going to be cranky - he also gained five pounds but is probably still packing it on today. He also will have to deal with the Comcast cable tech today since our cable box finally gasped a death knell yesterday sometime during the day. Yes - we use cable. We like it, and we're old, so that's where it's at. 

We have a cable box that's similar to this, although much older. We
need a new one now - our box is kaput! 

Anyway, after getting home from work last night, DH wanted to check the stock market and he was sure that the financial channels would be doing some in-depth analysis or special reports on the drop in the market. But the main TV was suddenly only getting channels up to approx channel 25, no higher. The cable box has been slowly dying since last summer, but it picked a bad time to die. I spent a half-hour or so on the phone with Comcast, and they will be sending a tech out this afternoon to change the box to one that works (actually, we have three boxes and two of them are now dead, so they'll get to change over at least two of them later today). 

It's been nice to watch shows on my own schedule if I happen
to miss something. That hasn't been possible for almost a year,
so it will be great to have a cable box that actually works! 

I'm actually rather happy that this happened. We haven't been able to access our "on-demand" service for almost a year. I haven't had the time, inclination, or desire to disconnect the malfunctioning box and take everything to Comcast for replacement, so I'm more than happy that they will be coming here. DH can deal with all of this. Better him than me. 

DH has been watching this show for years (it's in season 5 now). This
is, supposedly, the final season, and it does seem that they are getting
close to a resolution of this 222-year-old mystery. It's modern-day
archaeology in near impossible conditions, and rather fun. The
episodes can be rather tiresome, though, throwing out small pieces
of information at a time. 

So, his afternoon is set, and hopefully when I get home from work tonight I'll have a DH who is in a much better mood. Or, at the minimum, I'll have functional TV's once again which will also make me happy. Now, if they could manage to resolve something or find something neat and kewl on "Curse of Oak Island" tonight, my Tuesday will be complete. LOL Have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow - cold and busy. 

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