Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My To-Do List Keeps Growing

Last week the weather-people on the local newscasts were all ..."and we'll discuss when we'll be in the 50's next week...". Well, that hullabaloo died down as the end of the week moved through, and here we are on Tuesday. It's supposed to be "hot" today. That gives DH one day to get all of our leaves raked and gathered before the temps fall once again. Our temps have been in the 20's and low to mid 30's, and we were supposed to have hit the 50's today. BS! My weather apps for the day (yes, I use two different weather apps - it's the Frozen Northlands, weather is important) are giving me a mid-40's high with rain starting in late afternoon. Wednesday will be colder again. Oh joy! BLEH! 

See that topmost arrow? That's aimed right at us. It could be worse, we
could be in the green to the East. They'll be getting colder temps in
Wisconsin. But then again, they are only less than an hour away, so
it's really relative! 

Tomorrow will be exceptionally hectic, so I'm going to enjoy my usual standard of rush, process and sell today before diving headfirst into Wednesday. If I add possible patches of overnight ice to my early Wednesday travel, it won't be a fun day at all. But that's tomorrow. Today is mid-40's until the overnight hours, before we drop into much colder weather by the end of the week. If the first month of fall/winter is anything to go on, we're going to have an unusually cold winter this year. 

If I had any talent or ability to bake and/or decorate, I would have
made a chicken birthday cake for Chickie. As it is, she'll have to
put up with gifts that she wanted and a minimum of muss and fuss. 

Chickie's birthday was last week, and she had a week of vacation left, so she took the week as a "stay-cation" and went all over town to various museums and exhibits, a movie or two, and a workshop. Today is her first day back at work, and we got a huge shipment delivered on Friday that needs processing ASAP. Her birthday gift from me arrived yesterday, so I'm at least on time with that before I crack the whip and make her work super hard. 

My doctor's appointment for my "annual" physical is
tomorrow morning at 7:10 am. EARLY! And I'm not
supposed to exercise or have anything except water
to drink in case they need any blood work. Ack! No
swimming tomorrow! That totally sucks! 

And, between all of the other stuff and a doctor's annual physical checkup tomorrow morning at 7:10 am, I need to get my Black Friday/Small Business Saturday email for my customers pounded out and ready to send. Holiday cards? Yeah, they're on my very active burner too. Sleep? Well, maybe not so much for the next week or two. 

At the very least, I'll have 48 very busy hours for the next couple of days. I have so much that I need to get done, and - darn it all - there are still only 24 hours in every day. Can't I warp space and time and carve out an extra 24? I really could use it! 

Have a great Tuesday. I hope you have less on your "to-do" lists than I have right now. Enjoy your day and, if you're in the cold snap, bundle up! We'll be enjoying our mid-40's "heat wave". 

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