Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Water, Cold and Movies

One of the questions I was asked regarding yesterday's photos of my yard was how far down the creek is from my bank and how high the water runs when it's really pushing through there. I'm making an estimate that it's about twelve feet down from my bank to the creek below in the photo, and I know I've seen the water fill and rush so that it's only 1-2 feet from where I was standing when I took the photo. Fortunately, we don't get a lot of horrific thunderstorms or rains on top of icy and snow packed ground, but the water levels are frightening when we do. Taking control of the water and pushing it away from our house and into the creek is one of the major reasons we are working on the backyard. 

My little creek isn't quite as wide or rushing as this, but it does carry a
lot of water when we have a serious thunderstorm. I've gained a great deal
of respect for the power of water by watching it flow by my house on
those stormy days. 

It's getting cold. I notice they're already getting snow in Colorado - I'm quite sure all of the skiers and snowboarders are jumping up and down for joy. It's the start of the season and soon the slopes will be open. We were supposed to get our first hard freeze overnight. It did drop into the 30's, but not as low as originally predicted. So I'll be adding my leather coat to my sweatshirt for the drive to the pool this morning, but I won't have to worry about a true freeze for a while longer. That makes me quite happy, since I'm of the opinion that it can hold off until November. 

Here's the latest extended trailer for Justice League. Yeah!!! 

I watched trailers for "Justice League", "Thor Ragnarok", and of course "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" last night. I have to say, I'll probably want to see all of them. JL and Thor looked absolutely amazing! As for Star Wars, well, it looked predictable. But I'll still want to see it - once. It was quite odd to see Carrie Fisher in the clips, rather like looking at a ghost. Still, the Star Wars franchise wouldn't be the same without Princess Leia. 

And here's the extended trailer for Thor Ragnarok. Oh yeah, it'll be a wonderful end of the year movie fest! 

So I'm wrapping this meandering blog up now. I'm going to try some experiments and see if I can improve my text size, and I'm still wrangling with the grey that seems to come with my posts now. Dropping into the HTML has been somewhat helpful, but the problem still isn't resolved. Have a wonderful Tuesday and I'll return tomorrow - Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel. 

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