Thursday, October 5, 2017

Updates and Experiments

First, the dreaded AOL upgrade actually went smoothly. There are some new appearances, etc that I have to get used to, but it didn't take an enormous amount of time to download and get operational, so generally, I'm happy. From comments on yesterday's posts, I'm guessing not all of you have had AOL breathing down your throats to upgrade. I was using a much earlier version of the software because later versions weren't playing nicely for me. Maybe they just got anxious to get me back into a more modern version? Or not. One way or the other, though, at least it worked.

At times, upgrading has seemed quite similar to this. I hated
Windows 10 so much that I reverted back to an earlier version
within 48 hours of trying it out on my laptop. I suppose eventually
I'll have to upgrade the operating systems too, but fortunately I
haven't had to think about that lately. 

I'm trying a new thing for my holiday cards this year - cutting out copper sheeting into a rather elaborate shape, then embossing and coloring it. I'm not 100% sure it will make it into everyone's holiday card envelopes, but I'm hopeful. It's hell on my equipment, but I love to test the edges of creative cliffs. I'll have to buy some new cutting plates today, though. I toasted a new one yesterday in less than a dozen passes because the pressure I'm using to cut the copper is so intense.

Of course lightweight copper can be easily embossed with a stylus,
but I am using a heavier weight copper and wanted the shape to
be cut out without having to hand-cut each image. It's working out,
but it's really tough on my equipment. Still, I'm having fun
experimenting and pushing my creative boundaries once again. 

We're having erosion problems, and DH has only today to get some of those resolved. We've got the shed arriving at the end of the month (I just got the building permit for it yesterday morning) and one major point of erosion is the northeastern corner of the pad where we want it erected. That's a serious issue and since we'll have rain again on Friday and Saturday, he's got today to see what he can do. Unfortunately, on this one, I don't think he has much of a clue. The soil was moved and repacked when we landscaped, so it certainly doesn't have the hardpack stability of many years of sitting and shifting into itself. *sigh*

We're getting erosion at the creek edge and around one part of the castle steps
and new patio. That has the potential to be a serious problem and DH has
one day to see what he can do before the rains come again. Autumn is a
wet season, but if we can make it through into November, we'll be dealing
with less rain and more light snow - a better alternative at this point. 

Tonight, however, is Project Runway and the episode starts the night out with the sew-off between the two Terrible Twins, Claire and Shawn. I can hardly wait! I'll be trying for my usual schedule of posting a general synopsis in my Friday morning blog and the spoiler review and episode reveal in Saturday's posting.

The Twins never actually listen to critique and just go ahead and do
what they want. That didn't work so well in the last episode. Shawn,
on the left, has some design skills, and Claire, in the center, has
construction skills, but they both aren't as talented as they think they are. 

We're finally into autumn cool temperatures here and sleeping is easy and deep. That means I'm actually getting my 6 hours or so and being awakened by my alarm. It also means I'm sleepy earlier, so I'll be fighting to stay awake for the final 30 minutes of Runway tonight. The pool will wake me up in a little while - can't sleep when I'm doing laps and listening to an audio book. Here's hoping all of you have a tremendous Thursday. Be good, be kind, and cuddle your pets today.

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