Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Waterfalls For Beauty

Apparently the utility company has no problem moving the wire, if we pay them money. *sigh* But apparently the utility company only has one of the three cables. The other two belong to the cable company and one of the communications companies. To get the other two cables moved, I would have to go through the same procedure with each of them and  probably pay them too. NOPE. I'm calling my tree people today and I'll arrange for them to come by and give me a quote for removing the tree instead. Then we'll just bury the base of the cables as deep as we need to.

Now - I promised waterfalls for today's post, and I think that's a good idea to get my head away from the patio project for a little bit. Here we go ...

Iguazu Falls in Argentina is vast and spreads out in an array of
more than 200 individual waterfalls. The entire array is more
than two kilometers of cascades and there are walkways and
paths around many of them, offering a real immersive experience. 

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa has a massive amount of water
cascading over a sheer cliff into a narrow chasm. The spray of
water droplets lead to the nickname "smoke that thunders". It's
big and it's beautiful like so much in Africa. 

Angel Falls in Venezuela, South America, cascades down an almost
impossible span to the lush foliage below. It's the world's tallest
permanent waterfall with a drop of more than 800 meters. I remember
seeing this waterfall in the animated movie "Up". Even in
animation, this waterfall is stunning. 

Gullfoss Waterfall is one of two in Iceland that will wrap up today's
exploration of waterfalls. Look at this crazy drop. It's a two-stage
drop, the one at the top at 90 degrees, the one at the next level closer to
us, at a right angle to the first. It's unique, and it's stunning. 

This monster is the Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland. Look at that power!
It stands at the beginning of Iceland's equivalent of our own Grand
Canyon, and what a spectacular entry it is. It's glacier water fed, of
course, and said to be Europe's most powerful waterfall. I don't
think I'd be brave enough to stand that close! 

So there you have it. Some waterfalls for your day. DH signed the landscaping contract yesterday and paid 1/2 down. We're on the calendar for mid-September. Time to get the rest of this finished - i.e., we need that tree down before it starts. I'll be calling them later this morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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