Monday, June 19, 2017

Grading - It's Not Just For School Papers

We had a lovely, almost lazy Sunday. We hauled one load of branches and logs to the landfill, but except for that, we settled down, watched the final round of the US Open Golf Tournament, and generally relaxed. I think we both needed a day to do exactly that. On Tuesday morning I'll pick up DH's chain saw from the repair shop and we'll be off and running once again.

There are actually two wires, one right next to the smaller
tree stump which still needs to be removed. The rusted
small shed behind the other tree will be removed and
destroyed. City regulations now require five feet
between structures and the property line, and they no
longer allow metal sheds like this. 

I need to contact our local utility company today and see if they will need to move a guy wire that they have in our back yard. When we do the regrading later this summer, it might be covered up by as much as two feet of dirt and they may choose to relocate it rather than have that happen. The rusted shed in the background of this picture will be disassembled and trashed and we're going to get a new,, larger shed installed on the graded earth.

We'll be getting a Tuff Shed installed on the cleared and graded earth later
this summer. He's still debating between two sizes, but eventually he'll make
up his mind. We can't proceed with that until we have the ground graded and
the new wood rack built since the wood is on top of the land that we'll need
for the shed. 

When I look at what DH has done in the back yard this year, it's not as visible as the castle walls of last year, but he's done a tremendous amount of work. The whole area used to be solid trees and bushes and now is open and vacant, awaiting grading and new construction. We're almost at a standstill until we get the grading done, so that's the next step. I have a feeling the entire project will take one more year to complete, but I'm still so impressed by what he's accomplished.

Basically, we need some large equipment to get down into our lower yard and
do something like this - it won't take long, but it's more than we can do.
We also need some rather specific grading for the patio area to achieve
the drainage that we'll need. Time to call a landscaping company. 

Have an excellent Monday. I managed my mile in the outdoor pool on Saturday - it's harder in a lot of respects because of the greater length - but today will be back to the 25 yard pool and a more standard workout. Enjoy your day!

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