Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Storms, Rains and Construction

Storms rolled through last night, but I think they are past us now and we'll have excellent weather for a few days. Why does this matter? Well, during the days (very early hours) it means that both the indoor and outdoor pool will be open so my indoor pool won't be crowded with lots of people. Overnight, it can rain all it wants to, but I like having both pools available. Right now, rain won't happen again until Saturday (according to the latest forecast). Of course, we all know what weather is like - it confounds the forecasters all the time.

I have strong memories of the spring winds that went down along
the front range when I still lived in Colorado. They were harsh and
you could quite literally lean into them and they would hold you up. 

I grew up in Colorado where we said the weather changed without warning all the time. I remember driving through a driving rain as I headed down Colorado Boulevard one afternoon, and suddenly the rain was behind me, as if a wall had been erected, and I was in bright sunlight. Weather along the Rocky Mountains can be bizarre and totally unpredictable with rain, snow, strong winds and lots of sun-bright days.

In the Great Plains, where there aren't a lot of trees in the way, you can
actually see the leading edge of thunderstorms. Here is a beautiful
example of a shelf cloud and it's corresponding dump of rain. 

Up here, in the Frozen Northlands, we tend to have even more unpredictable weather, but our seasons are a bit more defined. Our skies have more grey days because we're a more humid environment - it's the land of 10,000 lakes, after all. Today will be one of those sunny/cloudy days that we have so often, but I think last night's rain was all we'll see for a while.

I think our wood storage shed for our firewood will end up looking similar
to this. Our city actually has a little pamphlet with their rules and regulations -
size, height, number of inches off the ground, etc., that we have to build within. 

DH has started work on the woodshed. We need to get that completed and our woodpile moved over before we can start any serious work on the storage shed or the patio. He's planning how many palettes of patio pavers he'll need to buy already, though. Best estimate - 5 palettes at 486 pavers per palette, each palette weighing more than one ton. A lot of stone to move down to the patio area one wheelbarrow at a time. He did it last year for the stones for the walls, and he'll need to do it again later this summer for the patio. What a job!

He's looking at Holland Pavers that will look similar to this, although he
still is in the design stage. When it is complete, it'll be lovely, but we still
have a lot of work left to do. Lately he's been planting plants, ground
cover, and flowers along the curves of the castle wall. Now to work on the
wood shed, then we can start the patio area. 

So, as I pull my suitcases out of the closet to start thinking about packing for my trip next week, I'll also be thinking about work schedules, construction deadlines and goals, and how rainy days can throw wrenches into our summer plans. Here's hoping for overnight rains and sunny days. Hoping your Wednesday is fabulous, because we all deserve a fabulous day.

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