Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Living With the Unexpected

Sunday was a busy day - I slept in, made breakfast, and DH and I went to the home improvement store to get the last of the capstones that we needed as well as a few other things. DH got to work in the castle and I took the opportunity of a beautiful day to clean my car - replacing the winter floor mats with my summer ones, washing all of the windows inside and out, vacuuming everywhere, etc. That usually takes about 90 minutes and Sunday was no exception. DH had said that he needed me to help with some measurements for the shed and woodshed that we're putting up, but then he went ahead and did them himself. He'll still have to change their location slightly to meet city Code, but he's pretty close.

I use a shop vac to vacuum my car. We own several of them and
one is always in the garage - not easily accessible, but available
and it can be accessed. It works well for all the little pebbles and
grit from the winter. 

As the afternoon moved on (and the weather was PERFECT), he flattened out the top tier of the castle and started placing transplanted ferns along the edge. This required him to dig them up from the upper back yard and move them down. I was just carrying over a bag of topsoil to fill in some of the holes when I heard "Oh, oh!" (actually, the language was probably a bit stronger than that).

DH had managed to chop right through the internet cable with his shovel while removing the fern that was growing on top of it. He sliced right through the cable. That meant we had no internet and no TV. We still had 4G on our phones and one TV that runs on antenna, but the cable was dead.

This isn't our exact cable - we had a hole about six inches deep
with the cable bisecting that, but the end result was the same -
a sliced cable line. Oops! 

So - phone call to Comcast to get a technician out for repair. All good and fine - as a business customer I would have a tech out within 1-3 hours. EXCEPT ... 1-3 hours came and went and still no tech arrived. I called Comcast back and voila - there was no repair ticket. The sound you heard was me beating my head against the wall.

A newly scheduled tech would arrive between 10:00 am and noon on Monday morning. To console ourselves we treated ourselves to two of the new gourmet McDonald's sandwiches which were surprisingly good. DH stayed home from work for a while yesterday, and our cable was restored by 11:00 am.

So, not a tragedy, but it meant no blog from Monday and a BUNCH of emails, etc that I have been dealing with this morning. It will probably take days to actually catch up *sigh*. But I'm here, I'm back, and I wish all of you a stupendous Tuesday!

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