Monday, May 1, 2017

A Celebration of May

It's May! Wow! One of my absolutely favorite months is now here. It started with rain - lots of it. I'm not hearing water now, so maybe it's finished pouring for the time being. I wouldn't mind a few less drops for my day.

The flower associated with May are the darling Lilly of the Valley bells.
I adore these and DH has planted them for me at each house we've lived in.
They are always one of the first blooms in late April/early May, so it's a
very appropriate flower for the month. 

DH and I spent yesterday playing Lord of the Rings Online - each on our computers, almost side-by-side. We actually played together through one particularly nasty incident that had me stagnated. Although we can make a seamless team at times, we usually end up at cross-purposes when we play on-line together in the same instance. Although we accomplished my goal, it was a bit more stumbly than I wanted.

Do you recall that wonderful quotation about how an artist has
a duty to stand tall and reflect the times through art? That
is one side of the coin. The other side is that art will
also reflect the times in which it is created - through media
and subject matter. 

Still and all, it's a lot of fun. Writing has taken a serious back seat, however. I really need to get myself in gear and get my story for SWG written. I think I'll devote Tuesday and Wednesday to that, get it pounded out, and hope that my usual multi-editing doesn't eat up too much time. The quotation that Dawn assigned to me is a pure delight and I don't want to waste such a lovely gift.

In this art piece, the farmer has put his acres up for sale - land that
has been in his family since 1890. This is one form of art reflecting the
times. It illustrates the current reality, yet also makes a protest
statement in its format and the words on the sign. 

My closest cousin's birthday was yesterday, so I sent off effusive Facebook birthday wishes to her. She doesn't do much with the internet, but does do FB. She's my horse person - she has owned and worked with horses for most of her life. She's also my Aspen, Colorado buddy - we grew up together out there and she moved there full-time in her teenage years. I really missed her a lot then; she had been like my little sister - a confidant, a friend, and someone who was always there. Until she wasn't. Having her move away was one of the hardest things for me when I was growing up.

Missy is the sister I never had, but in a way that I always had.
We grew up living across the street from each other, and we were
a constant in each other's lives. She stood up for me at my
wedding, and I returned the favor at hers. We celebrated the
good times and wept at the bad. Isn't that what a sister is
all about? 

Still, we survived years of separation, different families and life goals, and I still count her as the sister that I never had. We're now growing old together/apart and somehow that thought makes the journey into this unknown a bit easier.

Happy Monday to all. Remember to continue spreading kindness, those gentle actions can help more than you think.

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