Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bringing Some Important Dates to Your Attention Today

OMG, how can it already be Thursday! There are lots of things going on within the next week that I want to bring to your attention, so here we go!

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. What have you
done for our earth lately? Remember, we borrow the
earth from our children, so leave them with a world
worth living in. 

First of all - Saturday the 22nd is Earth Day. It's a day to remember that we only have a single planet upon which we live and that if we mess this up, it's curtains for us as well as a lot of other lovely and amazing critters who share this world with us. The next race to inherit the earth after us may well be the cockroaches, so let's do our very best to assure that doesn't happen. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish and Restore - treasure this world we live on. My DH and my staff know I'm a bit of a maniac about recycling. I blame/thank my aunt for that. In the early days when she lived in Aspen, she would drive miles out of her way to take her recycling to the center of town where there were bins set up for glass and paper. My mother could have given a darn, but Tante Vera cared about the environment a lot. So thanks, Tante Vera, for teaching by example. I've never forgotten it.

Check your local restaurants. Many areas will have
restaurants participating in this nationwide event.
Follow the link in the paragraph below for more

Next week, on the 27th is Dining Out for Life. This National effort helps raise funds for AIDS services. You can find out more specific information on but check out what events might be happening in your own area and try to support them. Last year more than $4 million was raised in North America for this cause through this single event and a lot of very generous restaurants and eating establishments.

I wanted to get this, but I'm cheap. I didn't want to spend
the money on it. I'm sure it will go on sale at some
point and I'll pick it up then. I'll just have to watch
for it in the sales emails and flyers. 

Yesterday I walked into Target with a shopping list (I still ended up forgetting a couple of things, despite the list) and $55 of gift cards in my pocket. It was my intention to get a new pair of jeans and maybe a DVD with the gift cards. After shopping and getting lots of things for home and the shop, I checked out the jeans. The style I wanted was sold out of my size - my size was only available in styles that I already had and didn't want more of. Meh! So then I checked out the DVDs. I knew I wanted the Harry Potter offshoot - "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" - but ended up looking, and deciding that I'll wait until the price goes down. I'm not in a rush, I just want to have it. So, yesterday I walked back out of Target with a shopping cart full of paper products and $55 of gift cards in my pocket.

Here's hoping you have a tremendous Thursday. I'm ready to hit the pool and dive into my day running. Lots to do! Enjoy!

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