Saturday, March 18, 2017

Starting Over - Sometimes It's Necessary

Sometimes you just have to start over. For the past three days I've been working on my story for the 17th - notice that it hasn't been posted? That's because although the basic story premise was fine, the actual story was a piece of crap. I wrote a quick one for the 18th last night, and that one was flat and dead - words on a page that didn't deserve the virtual ink they were printed in. I double-checked the prompts before going to sleep last night and hoped clarity would come.

Sometimes my clarity comes best when I can
shut down my active brain. My thoughts are always
racing around like mice in a maze. 

Yeah, that was successful. Two totally new stories came out of last night. I'll take some time today to write them and they're short, so I should be able to get them posted today which would at least get me back onto schedule. Yes, sometimes you need to change direction in mid-stream and move to another viewpoint.

I sometimes have to change direction in mid-stream. I think
that all of us have to now and again. The ability to absorb
change is important in life. Without change there is no growth. 

That can happen in life, in fact it often does. New jobs, new homes, sometimes new romances, all of these don't negate what went before, but they influence what is to come. The education of the parents shapes the child. The experiences of friends and social activities influence the future comfort with gatherings and socialization.

Are you open to meeting new people? I tend to be insular and
not that outgoing, but I work in retail and deal with the public
every day. Left to my own devices, my castle would be my only
place, but I make sure to push myself outside of my box. 

So when you look at new experiences, look at them as an opportunity to reshape what has already gone on in your life before. It's not a new start as much as a new pathway branching from the one you've already been walking. Embrace it.

There are always choices, it's a matter of deciding which
one might be the best fit for you. 

Enjoy your weekend. I hope I'll get caught up on B2MeM today and get ahead of the game tomorrow, because I dislike writing on a schedule and not having any cushion time. Now ... off to the swimming pool.

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