Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life Is Good - Writing and the Tolkien Universe

Yesterday was a very productive day. I don't know why all of my days off can't run that smoothly, but they don't, so I'm just grateful for small favors. Of course, there is one number that I missed finding for my accountant, but I'll find it this morning and phone the office with the info and then we're good to go. The appointment was smooth and quick, we had everything we needed together, and we were in and out of there in ten minutes. Happiness. Now it's just up to them.

It's hard to argue with happy, and considering my dark days can
always crop back up, I'm going to stick with the sunshine and
lollipops for as long as I can. Thank you VERY much!. 

I did a lot of writing yesterday, so I'm actually ahead of the B2MeM schedule once again. I scrapped my original idea for "An Exception to Joy" and wrote it as a drabble instead. I'm much happier with the result. Sometimes words just get in the way. I also wrote "An Unexpected Visitor" for the "Remembering" prompt. It has a cliffhanger ending that I'm leaving unresolved. I know - I'm evil! BWAHAHAHAHAHA. (Sometimes it just has to be done - LOL).

Yes, I'm evil, leaving my cliffhanger unresolved. No apologies
from me for this one at all! 

So that pulls me ahead two days and lets me start work on the "Hope" prompt today if I have any time to write. I'm steaming into the final seven days of stories and cruising along. I have switched one thing out a bit on the game board, and that's the "Act of Kindness" and "Wild" spaces. I'm bunching all of those at the end of the month. For me, B2MeM is about writing, and I'm doing a lot of reviewing so I'm not just keeping my head in the sand. But I want to address the alternate activities after the actual 31 stories of my Red Path have been written and posted.

I'm not going to forget to do the Act of Kindness and the Wild spaces, but
I want to group them at the end of the month. I have been practicing Acts
all month long, and have been reviewing a lot of stories. Feedback is part of
the challenge and so important for every creative person. 

I'm still having fun, and that's the really important thing. The characters are still talking to me, the research that I did so many years ago is still in my head and at my fingertips, and I'm back and immersed in Middle Earth once again. I'm really happy to be writing steadily once again in the Tolkien universe. Not all B2MeM formats have spoken to me over the years, although I've always started March out with the best of intentions. This year's sent out a clarion call and I haven't enjoyed a B2MeM event this much since either the Passports or the Bingo events of years ago. I'm very happy.

I've also been playing my Lore Master character in LOTRO a lot. I get into
these times when I'll play a lot for several months, then set it aside again
for another six months. I've been playing in the LOTRO universe since they
asked us to be one of their Betas back in 2006 or so. A LONG time ago. 

My original fiction is sitting in the corner being petulant, but I'll get back to it. Eventually. It's fun to be playing in Middle Earth once more; I might stay for a while. I'm wrapping this up with some pics then I'm off to the pool. It's going to be a great day here in the Frozen Northlands. I hope your Thursday is equally wonderful!

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