Thursday, January 5, 2017

What's In Your Wallet?

It's nice when a credit card company looks out for you. Really, it is. But it can become a PITA too, especially when it's the card on which you have renewals and auto payments set up. In 2016 my Discover card was replaced two times - my original card was compromised in mid-year, they cancelled that account and sent me a new card, then sent another new card - a chip card this time - later in the year. So, in 2016 I had three different Discover cards.

I really like my Discover card. I like their service, their
interest rates, and it's the one card I use that DH doesn't
have so I can track my expenses really easily. But four
cards in a twelve month period? Really? 

Each time I got a new card, I had to access my account and review a year's worth of monthly statements to be sure I caught all of the varied places that have my card as the default, go to those various places and change to the new number, and hope that I caught everything. Yesterday I received yet another new Discover card. Apparently they had a possible data breach and sent a LOT of cards out to those of us who MIGHT be affected, so I have to go through the process again. UGH!

Credit card fraud is huge business and my little card is one small
plastic piece in a very large bucket. It's inconvenient, but I'm actually
pretty happy that the card companies try to keep up with this. It's a
pain for me, but it's also a very large issue for them and costs them
a lot of money every year. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm actually pretty happy that they are watching over my account. It's all to my benefit, I know. But it really is a pain to have to deal with the switch, and I have ten days to get it done before my old card is automatically deactivated. So I guess I'll dive into my statements one more time while at the shop today. I'm beginning to think that I should just keep a permanent list of where my card gets used. But - oh - that changes too. Oh well, at least Discover is looking out for my (and their) best interests.

Even Grumpy Cat would be bundled up against the cold on a day
like today! 

I'm diving back into the deep freeze as I travel to the gym this morning. The really nice thing about the cold snap is how warm and cozy the pool water is after shivering outside the gym doors waiting for the gate gargoyle of the day to unlock them. Poor Minion will be parked outside all day while I'm at work today, but it's a trooper - there shouldn't be a problem with it starting up properly tonight to take me back home again. Still, it will be another cold one. We're under Wind Chill Advisory until noon today with sub-zero temps and wind chills in the -20 F to -30 F range. I just hope that everyone is in some kind of shelter right now - safe, warm and out of the wind. Have a great Thursday, stay warm!

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