Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Back To the Grind - Santa Claus Has Left the Building

It was a wonderful holiday - three days off from the gym, lots of great food and lots of sleep. I think that last one was the most necessary thing, but all of it was really good. Santa was very kind to me this year - I got repaid for my coat and two swimsuits I had ordered to have in reserve, and I also got an updated Nook Tablet 7" (my old Nook reader was 5+ years old and had some issues). Although I do most of my reading on my phone, I want to bounce back and forth between books I'm using for research and my regular reading for entertainment. Now I can do that easily. I ordered a cover and screen protector for it on Sunday and it should arrive in a few days.

I wanted the Nook Tablet 7" because it was pretty inexpensive,
but would work really well for what I needed. This one isn't
one of their really pricey tablets, this guy was less than $50. 

Was Santa good to you? I am always so blessed by that kindly old man. Monday was DH's birthday, so he had more presents to open for that, and he had a bit of cake to celebrate too. Total of my three-day indulgence was a three-pound weight gain, but I'll be back in the pool today and every other day this week.

I've been eating one piece of Candy Cane Pie every night since
Christmas Day, but yesterday DH ate his square of birthday
cake instead. He was happy, I was happy, a win/win for both. 

Our friend Matt was admitted back into the hospital on the 23rd with a fever. As of yesterday, the doctors still haven't determined what is causing it. We were going to go and visit him on Christmas Day, but the roads were a skating rink with freezing rain. Very bad. So we waited for Monday instead and it was a much safer trip there and back. It's such a bummer to see him in the hospital again, but his oldest daughter was able to come up for an extended trip from her job/school in Iowa so seeing Grace again was a real plus. Crossing fingers that he gets to go home again soon.

The Bead & Button Show classes are open for browsing
and normally I'd be all over it - post-it notes throughout
the catalog and decisions being made. The idea is boring
me this year  - that's so unusual. This is a trip I take every
year that I usually LOVE. 

Bead & Button Show registration opens in a couple of weeks and I'm still not sure that I'm going this year. I keep angling toward going to Vermont to see several LJ friends instead, but I'm quite torn on this. I guess I'll take another look through the class catalog and see if there is anything at all of interest to me. Last time I looked through, it was pretty much a bust for me, but it's also a business trip and the only chance to see old friends that I get each year.

I did get my fill of "A Christmas Story" on the 24-hours showing. I caught bits
and pieces, but managed to catch all of the important bits throughout the day.
I just love this movie! 

I hope you have a great Tuesday. It's nice to be back into my routine again. Those three pesky pounds will be off before I know it! Enjoy your day - it's the first day of my Four-Day End Of The Year Sale and I'll be working hard!

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