Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Weekend is Here (Almost)

Hurrah, it's a weekend, at least for most of you. I still have the pool and work today, but at 5:00 pm my store doors are locked and soon I'm on the road, picking up my weekly dinner of Chipotle (chicken burrito bowl with brown rice and lots of salsa). Then my weekend really begins and I'm ready to relax and indulge. We'll have a relaxing night, watch the current showing of "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" and share a munchie - something decadent - for our Saturday night treat.

DH usually buys a decadent dessert for us to share while we watch
"Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries". 

Sunday I'll sleep in, then make omelettes for breakfast and finally it will be a day of football - DH's team at noon and my team at 7:00 pm. Between all of that I hope to get some work done on my holiday cards, but no guarantees. It would be nice because the clock is ticking and the part I'm doing right now is very time intensive - not hard to do, but trimming and gluing which takes time and the glue has to be completely dry before I can do the next stage,

I love making omelettes. I tend to just cheese or ham and
cheese most often. They're easy and fast and oh so good. 

Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend. I'll do a formal "Call for Cards" again next week, but if you want to get onto my mailing list (and don't think there's any reason to wait for a formal invitation), feel free to Private Message me your address and be added to the list. I'll be back on Monday!

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