Monday, November 14, 2016

Card Call Out #2 and Miscellaneous This and That

Yesterday was a split day in football. My Denver Broncos won over New Orleans, but DH's Minnesota Vikings lost against Washington. We redeemed ourselves in hockey, though, with a nice solid win against Ottawa in overtime. Not too bad a day, in all, and all those games gave me lots of opportunity to work on my holiday cards.

This card was really cute. It was distributed by various
businesses in one shopping area a few years ago. 

Speaking of Holiday Cards ... have you messaged me your address for this year's card? To review, I make a total of 50 cards. Many of them are already designated for family, but I reserve a large pool for LJ and other friends. I DO NOT expect a card in return, although they are always welcome. This is Card Callout #2. Don't miss out. If you want one, message me.

We have a heavily wooded lot, and our neighbor's HUGE maple tree
doesn't shed its' leaves until VERY late in the winter. So we're
constantly getting leaf drop from his tree for months and months. 

So we start another week. My gym bag is packed, my swimming mesh bag on top of it. My laptop is ready to go and my box of holiday cards in progress is ready to be transported back to work with me later this morning. The weekend was very pleasant - temps in the lower 60's, so we got the rest of the leaves raked up and put into the compost. It was a lot of work but now everything except the patio is cleared for the winter weather.

If we do get our hard frost and temps drop below 40F, I'll
be exchanging my leather bomber jacket for my down parka
for the next six months or so. *sigh* 

Winter is coming. Supposedly we're due for our first hard frost by the end of the week. I've been putting off grabbing my parka for our early morning stand-ins at the YMCA doors, but if my overnight temps drop into the 30's, I'll be wimping out. It's 41F now, so I'm getting closer. DH and I are always on different temperatures, so while he's comfortable I'm wearing a hoodie most days and nights at home. Still, the cooler temps do make for comfortable sleeping weather.

Have a wonderful Monday and a great start to your week. Let's all resolve to spread kindness today - no harsh words, no speeches about this or that. Just kindness. Those are the ripples we can live with.

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