Thursday, November 3, 2016

Call Out For Cards - #1

This is my first call-out for cards. As many of you already know, I hand-make original Solstice/Holiday cards for the Christmas season and mail them to friends and e-friends all around the world. I do not expect or require a card back in return, although they are always appreciated, displayed and enjoyed. How do you get this year's card (which I have diligently been working on since the beginning of October)?

This card that Curious Wombat sent to me in 2013 has always been one of
my favorites. It's elegant and beautifully staged. 

Message me with your address and I'll add you to the list. Yes, it's that easy. But if you don't message me, you don't get a card. That's easy too. My quantity is 50 and I have a large family which pulls some out of the mix immediately. I also keep one for my personal records. So if you want to be one of the few, the proud, the ... oh wait ... that's the saying for the Marines. Let's try once more.

My friend Shruti in India sent this Mandala that she drew
for her 2015 holiday card. It's one of my favorites because it
echoes her love of life and color so beautifully. 

So, if you want to be one of the few added to my holiday list and receive a Winter Solstice card from me, you actually have to get in touch with me. Then you'll be added to the list and when they are complete, one will be entrusted to the Postal Service in the hopes it will be delivered to your door. I make no absolute guarantee about how prompt they will be, I only promise that I will have the cards in the mail no later than the morning of Winter Solstice.

My long-time friend Jenybeth sent this hand-made card
to me last holiday. It was simple, elegant, and really lovely.  

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Frozen Northlands, with temperatures warm enough that I shed my jacket by mid-morning and just had on my long-sleeved t-shirt for my grocery shopping. The afternoon was spent working on the next phase of my cards (see above call-out) to see what might work and what wouldn't. As often happens, when a door closes a window opens. I'll still have some serious labor involved for the cover, but the second phase of the design will go faster because of a piece of equipment I used for my Snowman cards two years ago. I had completely forgotten I had the Xyron Sticker Maker in the craft side of my closet. Voila! Problems cut in half and easier application now available.

The Xyron Sticker Maker may look like a toy, but
it's going to cut a 20-hour step down to 2-4 hours.
That's no toy, that's a serious tool! 

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series, their first time
winning since 1908!!! Bravo for the Cubbies! 

So have a wonderful Thursday. Tonight is Project Runway and I'll be fighting to keep my eyes open after watching the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in the 10th inning, 8-7. If you were a Cleveland fan, so sorry, but I was rooting for the Cubbies all the way and couldn't be happier. Yippee!

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