Wednesday, October 26, 2016

White Ink Pens - Have You Ever Owned One?

Aside from the fact that I meet with my third (and final) tree cutting people at noon, I start my day out by swimming at the WBL YMCA, then a car appointment for an oil change etc which I'm at least a month overdue on, and finally I can hit the ground running after that. It's going to be a very rushed day and on top of everything else, I brought my holiday cards back home with me to get whatever work done on them that I can. Not sure how much that will be, but I have to try - the clock is ticking.

I need a pen (or two) with white ink, and I'm not sure how
much coverage I really want for this project. I might
have a print this photo for guidance. 

One of the things I think I will need for the cards is a white pen. Yes, there are such things. I've only used silver pens when I've needed white in the past, but I think I need a true white this time and they're harder to find than you might think. I have some coupons for Michaels, so I'll probably try there first. If they don't have one, I'lldrive over and try Dick Blick Art Supplies.

It makes sense that a pen that has white ink will have different levels
of coverage. I'm not sure how solidly white I really want for this
project. Wispy and semi-translucent might be my better choice. 

To top everything off, it's raining. I'm really hoping it will have stopped before noon so that I'm not getting super wet while showing "Amy" around my tree project. I suspect DH and I will be hiring the dude I met with last week, but I've done business with today's firm in the past and they are excellent. They also usually have high pricing, so we'll see where they come in on cost.

Facebook is one of those things that I participate in, but
that also drives me crazy. I have a lot of friends on FB, almost
all of whom I've either met over my life or know through
various classes and/or workshops I've attended. But FB
mystifies me. Why do I get feeds from some people but not
others. I do get likes and commentary, though, so I suppose
I'm doing it right. 

As a rapid subject change, Facebook is a wonderful tool for getting together with people you thought long gone. Many years ago my ex-fiancee and I found each other again through FB and have been friends since then. I also followed the link of a good friend and found some artist friends I had lost track of in the late 1990's. It's been a real joy linking up with them again. One of them, Peter Ray James, asked to see some early ceramic masks he made that I own. I'll be sending some pics out to him today. It's fun to be connected with such a variety of creative people.

Time to walk into the rain. I'll drop my gym bag
into the car, back out, get out and pull the trash to
the curb, get back into the car, and begin my day.
Whew! I'm exhausted already - LOL. 

Well, off into the rain I go. Ick! I really hope the day goes smoothly, it will be a pain of scheduling if it stumbles at all. At least I'll be able to relax when I have my weekly chat with Aearwen late this afternoon. Have a great Wednesday!

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