Friday, October 14, 2016

Sports and Project Runway - What a Night!

Wrapping up the week, I'm very grateful that today is Friday. It's been a long haul this week and I'll be happy to see the end of it come along. DH may or may not join me for breakfast today - nothing like firm plans - LOL. He'll be there if he awakens in time to get over to Perkins. But I can't phone him to wake him because I'll be in the pool, and he turns his mobile off overnight when he charges it so that he doesn't hear it ping all night. (Yes, I've explained how to get rid of the sounds overnight, but he'd rather turn the phone off.)

It's easy to use a cell phone for an alarm, but the phone
actually has to be turned on! 

I was supposed to get one component of my holiday cards in yesterday's mail at the shop, but it didn't get delivered on time. It better be there today! The killer is that we were slow yesterday, so I might have been able to do the next step, but since the package didn't arrive, I'm behind schedule without even having a firm schedule yet. *sigh*

My Denver Broncos just couldn't get their act together last night, although
they had a stronger second half. The real kicker is that this was a
divisional game and we lost it. So NOT happy with my team right now. 

 Last night was a disappointment in the sports team division for me. Both my football team (the Denver Broncos) and my hockey team (the Minnesota Wild) lost their games last night. Boo hoo! I suppose I'm grateful that DH was the one watching the games while I just flipped over now and again during commercials while watching Project Runway.


So, Project Runway had their first team challenge yesterday - two teams of six. The teams were extremely varied, and had to compete for a grand total of $3000 being awarded by "investors" Heidi, Nina and Zac. Each team had to present their design concept and describe their target customer. They were awarded funds to purchase their material at Mood and had one day to produce four cohesive outfits in a collection aimed at their end buyer. The amounts awarded were quite divergent - $2200 for Team Button Bag and $800 for Team Unity.

Team Button Bag
The embellishment on the coat and at the cuffs of both the top and pants on the
pantsuit really caught the judge's eyes. The loser in the set was the
first item - Jenni's really boring and too short mauve jersey dress. 

The winning group's designs were actually really nice. Erin was on Team Button Bag and it showed - splashes and items in bright yellow to balance out a neutral palette and embellishments to enhance designs. They worked well. The team meshed and made good everyday wear for their young professional customer, succeeding in winning the challenge. Dexter won for the week - he was pulled this way and that, pitched in everywhere, and really rose to the challenge. Everyone helped everyone else, though, and that's what pulled the collection through. The weakest piece was Jenni's design - a mauve jersey dress.

The losing outfits were also really nice, but absolutely not day wear. The
shirt fabrics used across the run were sparkled, and that splattered fabric
for the pants and the short jacket just didn't elevate the look at all. 

The Team Unity outfits weren't bad, but Team Unity missed their target customer. They aimed for the young professional woman with daytime wear and a budget of $100-$300, but their ending outfits were more more skewed to evening wear instead of professional wear and their palette was very muted. The sparkles on everything didn't do them any favors. They simply overthought the challenge and fell flat. The team was in tears, each one volunteering to go home, but Alex ended up getting cut. It was really nice how much he was respected by all of the other designers, and the story he told Tim Gunn about their first meeting many years before was wonderful. A great guy - very classy.

On that note, I'll wish everyone a wonderful Friday! Enjoy the end of your week.

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