Saturday, October 8, 2016

It's Saturday - OMG!

How did this week slip aside so quickly? Maybe it's the Bead Shops Hop which is taking a lot of my time. I just composed and sent another email blast last night to my store subscribers, reminding them that only nine days remain in the Hop. It's been going really well, though. We've had lots of Hoppers through our door and a lot of first-time people also who are falling in love with our product selections and are spending the time to shop! Happy me ...

We're participating in the Fourth Annual Bead Shops Hop
of Minnesota. This year twelve shops are taking part in
the Hop, a drop from last year, but several stores have
closed between last year and this. 

It's getting cold now, and DH is trying to finish the last on the castle walls. He's moving the dirt piles that are remaining to areas where they will do more good, but it's cold work. Yesterday he only worked half the afternoon at it before giving up and going inside to get warm. The walls are pretty much done for the season, though. We'll be doing a bit more work on Sunday and I'll try to take a photo to show you on Monday if the weather cooperates.

Isn't this a cute card? I'm thinking simplicity may be just
the right way to go for this year's cards. 

We're coming in to soup season, checking out turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner, and OMG, I haven't even thought about my holiday cards, just what I want to include in them this year. Time has just whooshed by me this year. Guess I'd better figure out what I want to do and whether I'll be able to pull a hand-made card off this year or not. Have a great Saturday, I'll be back on Monday.

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