Friday, October 21, 2016

A Busy Night - Sports and Project Runway

Thursday nights usually find me parked in front of my computer working while listening (and often turning around to view) "Project Runway". I keep the TV on a single channel. DH, on the other hand, channel flips because Thursdays are often very busy nights. Last night was no exception. He was flipping between the Minnesota Wild (ice hockey - we won 3-2 against the Maple Leafs).

I love the Minnesota Wild logo, even have it on the back
of my car. It's one of the prettiest in hockey. I also happen
to love ice hockey, and treasure my Minnesota Wild
jersey that I got on sale earlier this summer. Yahoo! 

On a different channel he watched the Chicago Cubs vs the LA Dodgers (they won 8-4). The winner of this series goes on to play the Cleveland Indians in the World Series and I REALLY want a Cubs/Indians matchup.

The Chicago Cubs vs the Cleveland Indians would be a dream
World Series for me. I'm not that fond of baseball, but in that
match either team could win and I'd be happy for them. It's been
a very long span of years for either team to play for the pennant. 

Also, the Minnesota Lynx, in a hard-fought battle, lost their season to the LA Sparks 77-76, a nail-biter for sure. It was a great season, but it finally ended *sigh*. I think there was a fourth sports battle that he was switching back and forth from, but I really can't remember. At least he got to see some good ones, though, while exercising his thumb on the remote and running down the battery.

The season came to an end for the Minnesota Lynx women's
basketball team last night with a hard-fought battle
against LA. 

Project Runway Spoilers below - you've been warned!!!!

Meanwhile, I was happily watching Project Runway. The challenge this time started with a cocktail party for the designers and their judges and mentor at the very exclusive Absolut Elyx house, a lush cocktail lounge with speakeasy decor and roots. Copper pineapples and decor abounded, along with sparkling chandeliers, flamingo paintings in the bathrooms, and tufted Chesterfield-style leather sofas. Everyone had an opportunity to drink and chat before the challenge was announced - make a cocktail dress in a one-day challenge with a budget of $300 (a very high amount which should have resulted in a lot of very luxurious designs).

What a mess. The brocade was actually really nice, but
the ostrich fathers? Really? Erin lost her way this week
and was in the bottom. But there were worse, so she's
safe for another week. 

Even the great can fall, and there were some really bad designs walking the runway this week. Erin fell flat with a really lovely brocade framed by a flock of ostrich feathers. Now, I may be prejudiced against feathers because I sell them and I absolutely hate packing them, but this just looked like a mess. The judges were NOT impressed.

Jenni embellished a copper-colored dress with
lots of gold embellishments. It actually looked wonderful
on the runway, and she chose well in both her
fabric and her trim. Nobody has a lock on technique,
so her using Erin's technique for her own piece really
shouldn't be a problem. 

They were, however, impressed by copycat Jenni who used Erin's embellishment technique/style to make a simple dress very lux. She "borrowed" Erin's technique and complained about all of the hand stitching she was doing with long fingernails. Really? If the nails are getting in your way, get rid of them. Idiot. She won with this, but I don't think she deserved it.

I adored Laurence's dress. The folded leather yoke and
the incredible sculptured and tufted sleeves were the
focal of a perfectly fitted black dress. The judges
called it the "Bentley of black dresses" and they weren't
far off the mark. 

Laurence was my personal choice for the winner because of her beautiful leatherwork on the yoke and sleeves of a basic black dress that was impeccably styled and shaped. Really wonderful work that she based on the Chesterfield couches of Elyx. I think if she had chosen a different color of leather she might have pulled off the win but the judges were looking for glam.

Tasha was sent home with this contribution and it was
easy to see why. There really wasn't any design to it,
it was just thrown together and it looked like it. Tasha
added a sparkling tie at the waist, a band of gold at
the hem, and dressed it up with earrings and tassled
shoes. Poor choices. She's a very nice person, but not
a great designer. But she does street wear so she'll
probably do just fine in her comfort zone. 

Finally, Tasha was sent home after putting a black dress with a sparkling waist tie onto the runway. Her original choices in fabric had been total day wear, not cocktail, and on the advise of Tim Gunn (who gave the same advise to more than half of the designers in his critique), she scrapped her original design and pulled this out in four hours. Unfortunately, there was nothing either street or chic in this and Tasha packed up her things and left.

Have a great Friday, all. I'll be swimming in less than an hour and a day in the pool is always a great day. LOL.

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