Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weekend Plans and Annoying Sounds

I thought I had my new phone set for no sounds except emergencies from 9:00 pm through 5:00 am, but suddenly, last night, I was getting Facebook "ping"s at 1:30 am. It took more than 45 minutes to get that resolved and it was SO frustrating. I would change a setting and try to get back to sleep, then I'd be bothered again by another "ping" ten minutes later. I fully realize that most of my friends are night owls and that they don't awaken at 3:15 am - 4:00 am, but I'm an early bird and the early morning hours are my productive time. I finally double-checked my silent settings, turned my phone off and then on again. It seemed to have worked, at least I didn't have any other "ping" sounds until I awakened before my alarm went off. I'm going to be dragging today, though.

I don't want any sounds except emergency calls from contacts during
my overnight hours. I don't get a lot of down time, but I need my
sleep time. 

We'll have rain overnight tonight, but the days will be pleasant both today and tomorrow. It'll be  colder on Sunday, but it should be a pleasant weekend for Irish Shenanigans at Renaissance Festival. I'll bring my cloak since we'll be shaded while the football game is going on. It's usually cold in the Viking bar while they broadcast the game.

DH usually wears his Utilikilt for Irish weekend at Fest. He
looks really good in it and, since he's lost a lot of weight, it's
almost loose on him. A nice change. 

A television in Renaissance times? Well ... they stretch things just a bit and have Vikings games broadcast in this one bar when they have a Sunday game during the Fest. It's a good draw for the bar and it doesn't stop the flow back and forth by festive attendees. It saves on our data usage on our phones, since even though we could watch the game on our handhelds, we don't have to. Of course, my Broncos will be playing at the same time so I'll be checking scores and play highlights of my own team now and again.

My Broncos will be playing at the same time as DH's
Vikings. We'll be watching the Vikings, but I'll be
checking the Broncos score throughout the game on
my phone. 

Enjoy your weekend. Two more days of kitty care - today and Monday. I can hardly wait to have my mornings back again. I did wear a mask yesterday and it helped, so I'll do that again today.

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