Friday, September 9, 2016

Traveling Dreams

I've always  loved to travel - to pack a bag, choose a destination and just go. I love car trips, and before the "Friendly Skies" became so unfriendly, I also loved to fly. But for someone who loves to travel, I've been pretty planted over the past 20+ years. DH doesn't enjoy going places, he prefers to be at home, in his comfort zone. He knows that I want to travel once we've retired, and I know he'll indulge me a bit, but I'll never be the world traveler that I always wanted to be. That is something best left to a younger person.

I could pack a bag and be out, ready for
adventure, in less than an hour. Bring it on! 

Why the sudden yen for travel? TripAdvisor had a little photo montage this morning of 10 amazing destinations around the world, and I thought they were pretty awesome. I wouldn't want to go to all of them, in fact, may not even bother with those outside of the US, but they were pretty phenomenal. I'm sharing some with you today.

Haleakala Crater on Maui, in Hawaii, is an amazing and
spectacular area with breathtaking views and phenomenal colors. 

There were three places in the USA that made their list, all of which I'd love to see. I'm starting with the Haleakala Crater (above) in Hawaii. Hell, I'd just love to go to Hawaii once in my life. Beaches, ocean, volcanoes, what's not to love?

Normally my claustrophobia would kick up in a place
with walls like this, but there is that little bit of sky above
that would help keep me from freaking out. Maybe ... or
maybe not? 

The second place on my list, also in the USA, is Antelope Canyon in Arizona. One of many pocket canyons, the river and rain water has sculpted the rocks into amazing shapes. There are deaths in these canyons because they fill quickly when flash floods occur. The difficulty is that you don't always know water is barreling toward you, the rainstorm could have been miles away.

There is a walkway and you do need to stay on it. This one can kill you. But
what a beauty! The colors are so intense and I could just look at this for hours. 

The third place on my list, and final place in the USA, is the Grand Prismatic Spring. This amazing and colorful place is actually at Yellowstone National Park, and Wyoming isn't that far away from me, so this one might be the most achievable of the travel locations in today's blog.

I don't think a photo can ever truly give a feel for how immense Uluru is. In
the midst of this flat landscape, is this huge, steep rock. Why or how it came
to be there isn't something I know about, but I would love to see it in person
some day. 

Traveling outside of the USA, I've always wanted to go to Australia, and if I was there, I'd have to try to get to Uluru. This immense domed rock in the middle of a flat desert has been considered sacred to the native aborigines (and probably others as well) for thousands of years. It's just so remarkable. It's BIG - really BIG. Yeah, I'd love to see it in person.

The Pamukkale Thermal Pools in Southwestern Turkey are travertine pools
with waters that have been visited for centuries. They're really amazing and
so beautiful. Still, I doubt that I'll ever actually see these in person. 

My final destination is one that I probably won't get to because I really don't want to travel to Turkey. But the Pamukkale Thermal Pools look absolutely otherworldly and I would love to see them. I suspect that this destination will be through photographs only.

I want to see Barcelona, Spain. Chickie will be going to Spain next week
for a ten-day trip, but she'll be far away from Barcelona. Too bad, it's an
incredible place. I'm sure she'll have a great time, though. 

So there you have it - destinations that I would love to see. I'm older now, and travel is far less likely. I can see myself getting to the US destinations, but perhaps not the others. Europe might be in my future, because I still want to go to Italy, Spain, Portugal and other lands farther north, but I think that would be my first and last big trip. Today's trip will be easy and close - head to the YMCA for my morning swim, then get breakfast and go in to work. It's a Friday, peeps, so enjoy the day!

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