Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Did You Miss Me? A Photo Blog of Sharon's Visit

It seems like forever since I last posted, but that's what vacations and good friends and great times will do to a schedule. Sharon arrived on Thursday afternoon and after I nearly cut off my finger while prepping flowers for her bedroom, I changed to another clean bandage and picked her up. We caught up over dinner Thursday night and were ready to hit the Fair on Friday morning, waiting for our bus to pick us up and drop us off at 8:00 am. That started three days at the State Fair and one day at Renaissance. DH joined us at the Fair for Saturday night and all day on Sunday, and Chickie did the Fair with us on Sunday and Renaissance on Monday. All four of us unleashed on the Fair and the Fest can be a force of nature.

The terrible twosome on Sunday morning. Sharon on the left
side, Chickie on the right. Since Sharon does church on Sunday
at the Fair, she doesn't eat until afterward, but Chickie  was
enjoying a spicy pork bowl from The Blue Barn. It was a
new food and passed her test - she's have it again. 

The weather was perfect. It wasn't too hot and wasn't too cold. The rain stayed away during the day and hit (sometimes very hard) overnight. It was comfortable during the day, and since we've had lots of times when we were alternating baking with freezing, we were delighted.

I am dressed in my own appropriate Fair attire - my Outback
hat embellished with a Grey Heron (on the far left), my
large turquoise and silver spider and a sweet Cthulu on
the right. I'm ready for anything - rain, shine, or worse. 

So I give to you a small sampling of the many pictures I took during Sharon's visit. Total pounds gained - three. I'll be in the pool in a little more than an hour from now, working that back off. Hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday, more photos below.

Every afternoon there is a parade around the Fairgrounds. This lovely
draft horse acting as a trotter was one of the many animals who
join the parade. Just a beautiful horse, one of hundreds we visited in
the horse barns. 

I fell totally in love with these sculptures (there were three of them). Look
carefully. Do you see the scopes mounted around the outside? Those
are kaleidoscopes and the bucket containing the flower arrangement
actually spins, causing lovely things to be visible through the scope.
I want one so much! It was amazing, beautiful, and would go perfectly
in my castle, don't you think? 

On Monday we all went to the Renaissance Festival where we
saw this lovely bird. The girl is simply known as the "Raven
Girl" and the raven that she cares for and educates people
about is simply stunning and, of course, extremely smart. 

Sharon had a momentary opportunity to sit on the Throne of
Swords. She looked like a natural up there. We had a great time
at the Fest, as usual, and the weather was just about perfect. 

So there you have it, a few pictures from many that I took on my new phone over the four days of Sharon's visit. As always, it was wonderful, but now my life returns to normal. Lots of laundry to do today!

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