Monday, September 12, 2016

A Day At The Fest - Chocolate and Romance

Misinformation can suck, even on a wonderful day. Yesterday was "Chocolate and Romance" day at the Renaissance Festival and, since it usually happens close to our wedding anniversary (our 37th will occur later this week), we celebrate with chocolate. What's not to like?

Groveland Confections has the BEST chocolate we've found
over the years, and they always sell at Chocolate and
Romance Weekend at the Renaissance Festival. We
got their Moo Pies, their Sea-Salt dusted chocolate covered
caramels, and their cashew-encrusted caramels. So good! 

The weather was perfect, and I brought my basket along since I was carrying my old corset. Last week the sales girl had told me that the corset maker would give me a small discount on the price of a new one if I turned in my gently used old one. That sounded great to me, so I brought it along to trade in while trying on burgundy and/or gold corsets two sizes down. BUT when I asked the store owner, she said they actually didn't do that, and they didn't have any of the colors I wanted in my size because Saturday had been so busy. I ended up putting the old corset back into my car and going without a new corset. Although she will make me one for next week, I'm not sure I want it. I think I'll take a bit more time and check on-line also. I'm a bit pissed at the misinformation I was given.

I have in mind something more like this in
color, I have a feeling the owner sees me more
in a true burgundy/wine tone. I'm not sure we'll
actually come to an understanding, and corsets
are expensive. I won't buy what I don't like. 

We went to the local pub in the Festival grounds. They have permission to put up a TV specifically for Minnesota Vikings football games only. It's connected shortly before the games and boxed up again afterward. Hurrah for DH, - his team now has a game in the win column. My own team, the Denver Broncos, had already won their own season opener on Thursday night, so we're both starting the season out well.

Nagle Forge and Foundary specializes in lovely pewter and
precious metal pins and jewelry. They make a lot of
kilt pins and have lots of Scottish emblems and symbols.
Although I've wanted a harp pin of theirs, I chose the lyre
instead because it was more detailed. It's a stringed
instrument - I'm happy (LOL). 

Late in the day, chocolate purchased for the week ahead, we dropped by Nagle Forge to pick up a pewter pin I had ordered for DH last week. Again, no luck. It wasn't ready yet, but will be there next week. DH bought me a lovely lyre pin I've had my eye on for a while, though. I'm quite pleased and it wasn't very expensive either, so I didn't balk at the cost. We consciously avoided the hat shop we had visited on Labor Day. We might check that out again next week, but I wasn't in a great rush for a new hat, although I want one in a more Steampunk look.

DH is freaking out a bit over his upcoming procedure, although
I've had it done twice and it's really no problem. He's going
because I've been bugging him about it and also because of
our friend Matt who is dying from cancer. Whatever we
can do to help prevent problems - I'm all for it! 

This week will be a bit topsy-turvy for me. DH has a colonoscopy on Thursday morning so my days off schedule is flipped around to accommodate his prep work for that. Next week is Chickie's trip to Spain. I think I'll be very happy to see the end of the month coming around, I'll be working too hard over the next two weeks. Have a wonderful Monday!

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