Friday, August 19, 2016

Tiers and Tires

Yesterday was a long day for DH and the castle, but I was really pleased with the results when I gor home from work. He pulled away part of the completed structure closest to the house and started redesigning to incorporate the tiers and steps. We know we need steps to get from the patio level up to the upper back yard. These will help control the water coming down toward the creek, and also make it easier to access and more attractive to look at.

Here you see the first tier (curves on right and left) and where he
speculates the three step levels will go. The first step is almost
complete, the second and third are laid out. The right-hand wall
has been disassembled by a few feet to allow for different, new

The first picture is the end result of where the steps will end up. There will be a total of four separate steps/risers which will be reflected in tiered walls for each level.

Obviously the camera angle sucks on this photo. The green at the back
is the wall of the house. The shorter wall in the center is the end
of the first tier (the first tier curve is where the bottle is standing
on the far right). That angled piece of wood at the left is where the
second tier is starting, and it's curved, just like the first tier.
It's turning out to be so pretty! 

Then he got started building the second tier to see how it would look. I'm really pleased with this. The photo is a bit wonky because there wasn't a great angle for me to get the scope, but the light green stucco is our current foundation, the bottom right with the bottle is the rounded first tier at patio level and that lovely curved wall in the center left is the new second tier wall. It's really pretty!

Because I have nitrogen-filled tires, I can't just go to my local
service station and check/fill them. At this time, not a lot of
places have nitrogen available for the tires. But nitrogen tires
last longer and generally are recommended, so I'll visit the
dealer this morning to get this taken care of. 

My plans have shifted a bit. Instead of swimming at my usual YMCA today, I'm off to the eastern suburbs to swim there. My "Check Tire" light came on suddenly last Wednesday and I took a quick ride to the dealer to get the tires checked over. They are nitrogen-filled tires, so most places can't deal with them. Yesterday morning as I pulled in to work, the "Check Tire" light came on again. I'll swim and then head to the dealer, hopefully being the first in line for a quick check, and then I'll fight the traffic back to my part of the world. I hope I'll have enough time for a quick breakfast before heading on to the shop, I'm going to give it a try. Enjoy your Friday!

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