Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Olympics and The Wall - Golden Progress

The Olympics keep entrancing me - from the swimmers' incredible speed to the unexpected delight of the US actually winning a Bronze Medal in Individual Equestrian. I've been watching a lot of archery, swimming and even some standard gymnastics. Congratulations to the team winners in Equestrian: France (Gold), Germany (Silver) and Australia (Bronze). The individual winners in the three-day event were Michael Jung - Germany, riding Sam FBW, (Gold), Astier Nicolas - France, riding Piaf de B'Neville, (Silver) and Phillip Dutton - USA, riding Mighty Nice, (Bronze). For my Tolkien-loving friends, there was a lovely horse named "Tom Bombadil Too" who actually did quite well until the final event.

Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice won Bronze yesterday at the
individual Equestrian event. He's 52 years old, turning 53 next
month. Congratulations and well done! 

The women's gymnastics team was solid gold. Now that they have
nailed the team competition, several members will go on to
compete in individual events. Congratulations! 

The women's gymnastic team, as expected, won team Gold last night for the USA. They have been a powerhouse since the 2012 Olympics, but the last Karoli coach is retiring after this Olympics, so 2020 might be in question. In swimming, Michael Phelps put his game face on and got another Gold and sweet revenge for the 2nd place he got in the London games, and Katie Ledecky pulled off another Gold as well. She's a joy to watch in the water.

Katie Ledecky has a really sweet smile with killer skills. Michael
Phelps and Katie Ledecky won Gold yesterday in swimming.
Michael Phelp's game face is fierce, though. Katie is just a
fierce competitor who is having a great time in the water. 

DH worked extremely hard on the wall yesterday, but today will be a day off and we'll have rain on Thursday so we might be at a standstill until Friday. The photos I showed yesterday were the wall as it appeared on Saturday night. Just look at what he did on Sunday and Tuesday. Every bit of this dirt is being moved by hand - we have no ability to bring machinery down the slope. Maybe I just have giant gophers digging up my yard? Looking at the excavations as of last night, that could possibly be the case.

Comparing this photo to yesterday's photos, a lot of dirt has been moved. The
walkway will go between the two curved sections. The left section will
continue left toward the maple tree and the fence. 

The northern section is almost complete. He extended it back into
the sloping bank and removed bushes that were in the way. He needs
to capstone and back fill, but in essence, that's how this side will

The southern curve will match the curve of the completed northern
section, and then curve off to go close to the fencing. The entire
project is to help control water coming from the upper yard through the
lower yard toward the creek behind us. This will help us keep
our foundation intact on the house - a very good idea. 

Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful Wednesday. I'd better take DH's example and get some stuff done too, I'm running out of time in August and my house looks like a tornado hit it with the exterior and interior changes we've been trying to get done. Sharon arrives in less than a month, and right now her room is unusable. I need to swim off some stress and start my day.

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