Friday, August 12, 2016

In-Depth Watching of the Olympics and Books

I'm having fun with the Olympics. We have the TV on in the back room at work, but Chickie and I are usually watching from our phones - it's easier, and because we're Xfinity customers we get any event we choose in live feed. It's the only way to catch the more unusual events or those less televised, or to watch an event in its entirety.

Chickie and I are really loving the NBC Sports app on
our phones. It's why I can watch the horses in-depth and
why she can catch the fencing. Every event is available
in live stream. 

The thing I've really learned to love with the phone app is the commentators. We don't get the network commentators, we get the sports commentators. That means that we're listening to people who actually do that sport instead of a fan commenting about a sport they enjoy. What does that do?

I've really enjoyed the kayak slalom events. The whitewater
is raging and the times when they need to go against the
current upstream are rather amazing. 

Instead of talking about how fast a swimmer is going in a lane, the commentators are discussing the fine points of the swimmer's strokes, the rules of that particular event, how well the swimmer got off the blocks, etc. It's much more detailed, it's much more informative, and it's much more interesting.

Earlier this week Great Britain won gold in the 3-meter Synchronized
Springboard Diving competition with the USA coming in second for
silver. It was a joy to watch Jack Laugher and Chris Mears defeat the
Chinese. Russia, who was supposed to do well, just fell apart. 

Yes, there are commercials. But they are minimal and very short - 15 seconds or less. The commercials are making me interested in taking a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. My phone contract is up in early October and my Motorola Droid has been acting up for the past two months or so. So I'm looking at possibly getting one of the new Samsung phones when my contract expires. Maybe. They're really expensive, so maybe not. It's always fun to dream, though.

I've been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a possible
replacement for my Motorola, but it's pretty pricey. There are
a lot of Samsung phone choices available right now, most
of which will cost less. I'll be researching this pretty heavily
before making up my mind. It's a pretty phone, though. 

DH couldn't work on the wall system yesterday - too wet and muddy. So he actually went through some of the book boxes and pulled out ones he wanted to save. I'm pleased, and a bit astonished, also gratified that he's actually helping out before Sharon gets here in a few weeks. It would be nice to get this project finished, but there are still a lot of boxes left to sort through. I need to get in touch with the two places I'm thinking about taking the rejects and see about their schedules and whether they are interested, also what kind of time frame I'd be looking at by dropping almost 2000 books into their laps to evaluate and purchase (or not).

I know I'll get pennies for my books, but Half-Price may be the
only outlet prepared to accept as many boxes as I will have
available. And, realistically, any money is better than none. 

Have a wonderful Friday. I'm absolutely delighted that the week is almost at an end. We're not raining today, so the indoor pool will be almost empty for my morning swim while most swimmers will be using the outdoor pool. I do love having me a semi-private pool in the mornings.

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