Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Cold Run Ahead

It's still the end of summer here in the frozen Northlands, but our overnight temperatures are dropping into the lower 60's and upper 50's (16.5 C to 14.5 C) now. That's still warm for most activities and it's no problem to toss on a light jacket, but while running to and from the pool in the mornings, it will be a bit crisp.

We're not supposed to run around the pool. It's a safety
measure. But we'll all be walking quickly because it's
going to be cold getting out of the water to return
to the locker room. 

Yesterday morning Rosemary and I bade adieu to our 25-yard indoor pool until September 6th. For the next few days, we'll be swimming in the outdoor 50-meter pool before it closes for the year after September 5th (Labor Day). The 50-meter pool opens on Memorial Day at the end of May and stays open through Labor Day in early September, then closes until the following year. The indoor pool closes for the week before Labor Day for cleaning and repair before it reopens the day after Labor Day as our only pool for the next nine months. The indoor pool, which was practically private for the summer months, will then be crowded once more and Rosemary and I will be back to sharing a lane for our morning swims.

We're usually not quite this crowded at 5:00 am, but it does start to get
crowded by 6:00 am. Usually Rosemary and I can get away with just sharing
a lane, but every once in a while we have to circle. That's harder because
everyone swims at a different pace. 

If the State Fair and the start of the Renaissance Festival didn't already portend the end of the summer season, the closing of the 50-meter pool is the slamming door. I'll have five swims in the outdoor pool before Sharon arrives on Thursday afternoon and I'll be sprinting to and from like a little jackrabbit. The water might be warm, but the air won't be.

I'd love to have a lap pool like this infinity pool. There's something so
appealing about swimming my laps here. I probably will never have
the chance to do that, but at least I had my truly private pool for one
swim over the summer. It was wonderful! 

Oh well, I was able to fulfill one of my bucket list items on July 5th. That day was out of the ordinary because Rosemary took the day off from the swimming pool (she's usually there Monday-Friday at 5:00 am without fail). She slept in one day, and I had the 25-yard pool to myself - a solo swim in a private pool with only a lifeguard for company. It might not have been an infinity pool, but it was really nice. Enjoy your weekend. DH and I will go to the State Fair for a relaxing dinner tonight and we'll be at the Renaissance Faire tomorrow. Time to relax a bit and enjoy the end of our summer together.

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