Monday, July 18, 2016

Two More Days

Two more days of cat care and I can hardly wait. I had wondered if it was allergies that were making me feel so poorly and giving me a runny nose - enriching the Kleenex manufacturers. I had no kitty care on Sunday, and I had no allergy problems. If my symptoms return today, then I'm saying "Yeah - I'm still allergic to cats" and will quite gratefully welcome Chickie back home on Tuesday afternoon.

Today's stage is rolling, but no major climbs on it as we head into the final
week of Le Tour. Tuesday is a rest day and then we're dealing with
a second Individual Time Trial on Thursday followed by two days in the
Alps on Friday and Saturday. Sunday we ride into Paris. It's been a great
Tour so far. I'm sure this final week won't disappoint. 

Today's stage ends in Bern, Switzerland, so there will be some really beautiful mountains around to look at. Rumor has it that today or Wednesday's stage will feature a look at the Matterhorn in the background. Yummy!

The Matterhorn is such an iconic mountain. I hope I get
a glimpse of it during the next few days while Le Tour de
France is in Switzerland. 

Between all of the great bicycle news, at home we're heading back into a week of extremely hot temperatures. Since our home air conditioner doesn't work, hot weather can lead to stuffy nights with broken sleep patterns. I'm hoping it will at least cool off at night, but I'll be deliriously happy to return to my normal schedule again, hot or not. Enjoy your Monday!

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