Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Anger and Lemonade

It's summertime, it's hot, and tempers are flaring. Yesterday, unusually, the indoor pool was opened on time but the outdoor pool was delayed for almost 30 minutes because the lifeguard was stuck in a traffic jam. Not much could be done there, but it's summertime, it's hot, and at least one person was so upset that he couldn't get into the outdoor pool instead of the smaller indoor one, that he stormed out of the lobby, jumped into his car, and headed ten miles away to the White Bear Lake YMCA to swim instead. By the time he would have hit the water there, our outdoor pool was open. I'm not sure what he managed to save, but the way he stormed out of my little YMCA, he may have lost a few calories just because of the grump factor.

How do you approach things that cause a glitch in your schedule or plans? Do you go all "caveman", grumbling, moving around at high speed and possibly even throwing things? Or are you the quiet type instead - internally stewing but not showing much reaction to the world until you just blow up from the pressure? I remember that type of anger from old Warner Brothers cartoons of steam exploding from the ears of characters in cartoons such as Bugs Bunny.

Are you a "take the punch and roll with it" type of person? Or are you a rant and rave and fight the world type, declaring loudly how unfair everything is for you? I admit that I tend to internalize a lot of my anger, eventually exploding into yelling and slammed doors. But I also admit that I'm generally a fairly even-tempered person who doesn't get horribly upset at much. I do get more upset when I'm tired or hot. Hmmm ... I'm tired and hot today - LOL. I guess I'd better be careful not to lose my temper during these sultry days.

Anger is a basic human emotion, but unless it is
channeled, it can be a very destructive emotion. 

It's summer solstice time and Strawberry Moon time and generally, it's a magical time as we move fully into the summer months. Six months from now we'll be complaining about the cold and the outdoor pool will have been closed for months. I think I'm going to try my best to enjoy my summer, even though I have a LOT of work to accomplish in the house before the weather turns once again. Here's hoping your Tuesday is wonderful and filled with joy. Make lemonade with the lemons that life gifts you on this summer day, and don't forget to add the ice cubes and lots of sweetener.

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