Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Photo Blog - My Milwaukee Hotel

The Hilton in Milwaukee was built in the late 1920's and is it elegant and sumptuous. It connects to the Convention Center via skyway from the south, the other host hotel (the Hyatt) connects from the north. The Hilton is closer to the classrooms, the Hyatt is closer to the showroom floor. Both hotels have their advantages, but I prefer the Hilton's rooms and parking and the Hyatt's bar and restaurant. I end up walking between them often, and it's a mile round-trip between them. Here's a photo blog of what I loved at the Hilton - lots of chandeliers and over the top pretty.

I'll start with my room. It was in a strange short corridor and there
wasn't much to see from the window, but the bed was comfortable
and the heat/cold controls were very understandable and quite
adjustable. It was quite nice. 

As I mentioned, the view from my room wasn't much
to write home about since I looked at the opposing
wing. But it was very private and quiet, a real plus
when I'm working myself into the ground each day. 

The lobby is elegant. You can see one of the amazing
chandeliers to the left. The counter where you check in
is ahead of you. 

Moving away from the check-in desk, a small bridge takes you
over the lower lobby and toward the lobby bar. The bar is
only manned in the afternoon and evening and seems to host a lot
of private parties. I never was able to actually have a drink in
there. But there chairs, etc are very comfortable and I did
relax there one afternoon between events. 

The lobby bar features these wonderful chandeliers.
I loved the various mirrors and sculptures throughout the
room, also. They renovated this a few years ago and
it's quite nice. 

To get to your rooms, you have to either climb stairs or take an
elevator. I loved the decorative header above this staircase. 

This ventilation cover in the lobby area is typical of the
decorative elements throughout the public areas of the hotel. 

If you're not taking the stairs or the escalators, you're
using the elevators. They have a bank of eight elevators
all with decorated doors in elegant framing. 

One of the elevators got stuck during my stay (I wasn't
in it - thank goodness). The next day they had these
signs prominently displayed. I guess people
were too impatient to wait for the next available
elevator car. 

Finally, after a week, it was time to leave. Good-bye room! 

I'll talk about things of more substance tomorrow, but not everything can be earthshaking - LOL. Have a wonderful Thursday, I'm off to the gym and the elliptical machine.

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